Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US

It’s bad enough that gay rights and homosexuality is being taught to kids as young as kindergarten in the public schools and Christian business owners are being forced to compromise their faith to cater to them.  If you speak out against homosexuality for biblical reasons, you are labeled a homophobe and guilty of hate language, but it’s okay for a gay person to bash straight people and the Bible all they want.   They are seeking preferential treatment, not equality.

Just when you thought the gay movement was bad enough in the US, it looks like it will get even worse.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has clamped down on gays in his nation.  Gay sex was legalized in Russia in 1993, but Putin and the Russian parliament have placed a ban on public displays of gay rights and homosexuality.  In June, Putin said:

“Many countries, such as those in Europe, don’t think it’s necessary to protect children from this.  Fine, then don’t. We’re not going to interfere with your issues. But we will guard against this just like the deputies in the national parliament decided.”

Putin has made it clear that they are not accepted and not wanted.  This is causing some of them to turn to other countries that will accept them for who and what they are.  Now that President Obama has taken the opposite stand on gays than that of Putin, Russia’s gays are turning to the US and asking for asylum.

In 1994, during the Bill Clinton presidency, the US established a policy of granting asylum to gay applicants based on persecution fears.

To no surprise, there is an organization in the US that devotes itself to helping gays seek asylum here in the US.  Immigration Equality has been receiving more requests from Russian gays than in the past.  In 2009, they reported fewer than 20 requests for asylum from Russian gays.  In 2011 they received 35 requests from Russian gays and last year that increased to 63 requests.  So far this year, they are on track to beat last year’s number.

Keep in mind that this is only one of a number of organizations that work with gays seeking asylum here in the US and therefore the overall numbers are higher.  While the numbers aren’t huge, word is getting out amongst Russia’s gay community and Immigration Equality expects the number of requests to steadily increase.  After all, here in the US, you get special privileges being gay that normal people don’t get.

It’s sad to say, but Putin has a more biblical view of homosexuality than our own leaders have.  He sees the dangers the perverse lifestyle can have on a society and impressionable children, whereas our leaders have flung the doors of Sodom and Gomorrah wide open and are welcoming the abominations with open arms.

I can’t help but wonder how soon God’s wrath will rain down on America and our nation will be destroyed because of our sins.