Salesforce CEO Goes Nuclear over Indiana

According to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says he is helping employees leave the state.

Oh goodness, these people have lost their minds.

The CNN Money headline says it all: “Salesforce CEO: We’re helping employees move out of Indiana.”

Benioff told CNN’s Poppy Harlow on Wednesday that several employees have asked for transfers — and he has agreed, even supplying relocation packages.

“I just got an email on the way to studio from another employee who said, ‘look I don’t feel comfortable living in this state anymore, you have to move me out,’ and I gave him a $50,000 relocation package and said, ‘great, you’re clear to go.’ “

Benioff acknowledged that Salesforce (CRM, Tech30) won’t be able to completely pull out of Indiana, given the size of the company’s operations there. But the company is helping individual employees who feel oppressed to leave.

The move is in response to a law signed last week by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence that allows businesses to refuse service to gay, lesbian and transgender people on religious grounds.

Benioff had already pledged to reduce his company’s investments in Indiana, calling the law “brutal,” “unfair” and “unjust.” The cloud computing CEO said he is working with state officials in hopes of changing the statute.

Moving employees out of the state is a new step, however, and one of the most aggressive corporate actions taken in response to the new law.

Read the law, Mr. Benioff… you are totally overreacting to a non-issue.

Either you’re too stupid to run a company, or so incredibly evil you’d use something you know is no big deal to undertake your own oppression of others—exactly what you’re falsely accusing others of doing.

Let’s see… what’s happened in other States with these laws… bakers and photographers have been prosecuted and found guilty, grossly fined, losing their lifelong businesses because of people with a grudge and an agenda… and those wanting to compel others to do things against their conscience have had to… find another person to make their cake, or take their pictures. Wow… now that’s oppression. Wake me up…

This has nothing to do with logic, consistency, or truth. There’s a movement of brass-knuckle, raw political brutality in progress here. Don’t disrupt it by using your brain.

I guess it’s no accident that Harry Reid was on CNN this week, saying his audacious and vicious lies during the last campaign were just fine… because they worked, and his guy won.

The end justifies the means has become the mantra of a totally unhinged and immoral nation. Behold the bitter fruit of that worldview. Blood will flow, and the American gulags are not far behind.