Same Sex “Marriage” Is the Dismissing of the Old Civil Rights

A judge with a long civil rights record is being attacked by homosexuals for not complying with their demands.

When it comes to homosexuals, pretentiousness is a constant aggressive strategy. Awhile back we were treated to media tributes to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, pretending to be an oppressed minority as a male homosexual and claiming to have deep understanding into other minorities.

What do you think happens when someone from a real minority with a long history in the civil rights movement gets in the way of these mainly white and mainly wealthy activists?

How much deep understanding do we see?

I posted the other day about a Democrat judge who would not personally marry a pair of Lesbians because it violated his Christian beliefs. What I left out is that the judge also happens to be black.

The Daily Signal has learned that McConnell’s civic leadership includes terms as president of both the Toledo branch of the NAACP and the Toledo Legal Aid Society. He has been a member of numerous boards, including the Toledo Greater Urban League, the Frederick Douglass Community Center, and the Flower Hospital Children’s Foundation.

McConnell is the youngest of a West Virginia minister and coal miner’s seven children.

After college, he worked as a business teacher and then a financial manager for an oil company in the late 1960s. After getting married, he went back to school and got his law degree in 1972. Inspired by the civil rights movement, he became first a prosecutor and then a lawyer in private practice and fair housing activist in his adopted city of Toledo.

Deciding he could do more good “on the other side of the table,” as McConnell told Toledo Legal News in a 2007 interview, he ran for and won a seat on the city council in 1995.  He was elected as a municipal housing judge in 1999 and re-elected in 2005.

Naturally, I don’t agree with the Judge’s philosophy of government, though it seems much of his energy was devoted to helping poor residents keep their homes when they couldn’t afford the repairs the city presumed to order them to make. I don’t hate that!

So even though this Lesbian couple did get married by a judge, they are demanding that this judge be fired for the crime of saying no to them.

Nick Komives, executive director of the LGBT rights group Equality Toledo, had demanded that McConnell not only apologize but “step down” if he won’t conduct same-sex marriages.

“They didn’t deserve to be humiliated; they didn’t deserve to be inconvenienced,” Komives told the Toledo Blade. “That’s just wrong, and we won’t tolerate it. It is his duty to perform this ceremony, and if he’s not willing to perform his duties, he needs to step down.”

Komives temper tantrum is baseless. The Supreme Court (sadly) ruled that people of the same sex could be married. It didn’t say that all judges were obligated to participate in such marriages. Since the couple is now “married” they can hardly say they were denied their rights. And a forty-five minute delay, while inconvenient, is hardly worth cancelling the First Amendment over.

Unless you really have been looking for an excuse to cancel the First Amendment.

If Komives wants to know what it was like to not have real civil rights, he should go talk to the judge about his childhood and about the experiences the judge’s father had during his life.