Samurai Sword Thwarts Mugger

I don’t know if Kent Kendrix of Millcreek, Utah owns a gun or not, but he does own a samurai sword and his neighbor is glad he does.

Tuesday morning, Hendrix was up and getting ready for work.  Around 7am, his shower was interrupted when his 14 year old son Eric yelled and banged on the bathroom door to tell his dad that he could hear a woman screaming.  Hendrix quickly grabbed a pair of jeans, a jacket and headed out of the house to where the screaming was coming from.  On his way out of house he grabbed his samurai sword that he uses for protection.

Still drenched from his shower, Hendrix found a man trying to steal the purse from his neighbor.  When the mugger spotted Hendrix with sword in hand, he said he was leaving and took off running down the street.  Hendrix chased after him and when the culprit reached his car, he was all thumbs trying to get his car keys out.  He managed to drop a tube of chap-stick, before finally unlocking the car door.  Hendrix says he yelled at the man that he has his license plate and DNA from the chap-stick.

The whole incident not only scared Hendrix’s female neighbor, but it also scared the mugger.  Not long afterward, Grant Eggertsen went to the local police station and turned himself in.

When asked why he grabbed a sword, Hendrix said that’s what he uses to defend himself with at home and it was within easy reach.  He may feel better using a sword, but what would have happened had Eggertsen been carrying a gun?  Unless you possess the special super skills that you see on TV and in movies to deflect bullets with a sword, they are no match for a loaded gun.  Hendrix is lucky that Eggertsen wasn’t armed.

Weapons work to deter crime.  I’ve seen reports on the news of people using guns, knives, swords, baseball bats and tasers to thwart a crime.  But since most criminals can illegally get their hands on a gun with relative ease, I advise people to arm themselves with a gun.  Find a gun that is appropriate for you, go to a shooting range and learn how to use it and shoot it fairly accurately.  If possible, apply for and obtain a conceal carry permit and then keep that gun loaded and handy at all times.

I know some states tell you that you have to keep the gun unloaded, with a trigger lock and then in a gun safe and I’m not advising anyone to intentionally break the law.  However, if someone breaks into your house, I don’t think they will stand and wait for you to unlock the gun safe, remove the trigger lock and then load your gun.  In states that have those stupid and dangerous laws, perhaps having a samurai sword handy may not be a bad idea after all.