Sarah Palin And Al Jazeera? When Agendas And Journalism Collide

In days gone by, journalists were not in the business of creating the news, but of reporting it. If they heard a story, they would investigate it and then report their findings. There was no agenda.

Today, as we know, is much different. Today we have supposed journalists working to advance the agenda of one group of people–Democrats. And they usually go on to win awards for their corrupt reports.

Dan Rather is one journalist who deserved what he got: a prolific career tarnished and terminated over his fantasy that the Killian documents, which were critical of President George W. Bush’s service in the Air National Guard, were authentic. When it turned out that they were forgeries, he said that it didn’t matter because the story was still probably real even if the documents that told the story were not. Still, to this day, he defends himself by saying that nobody ever proved that the documents were a forgery.

On February 4, The Daily Currant published a story that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, after being recently being dropped from Fox News, will be joining Al Jazeera, the terrorist-supporting news network. (This would be the same Al Jazeera that is funded in part by the oil and natural-gas companies of Qatar, and to which Al Gore hypocritically sold his TV network.)

Note that The Daily Currant is a self-acknowledged satire website, with such headlines as “Vladimir Putin Kills Grizzly Bear With Bare Hands” and “Catholic Church Considering Jerry Sandusky as Next Pope.”

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported as fact the Daily Currant story about Sarah Palin and her joining Al Jazeera. It was written by Staff Nincompoop Suzi Parker. I can only speculate as to what her motives were in reporting the Palin-Al-Jazeera story, and speculate I will:

Suzi Parker, being a liberal, has a pathological animus toward Sarah Palin. Parker saw a headline and a story that, like Dan Rather almost a decade ago, she so desperately wished to be true that she dropped whatever common sense she may have had and ran with the story as if it were true. Fantasy trumps reality in Liberal Land. And if there is any justice over at The Washington Post, Ms. Parker will walk the path of Dan Rather for her egregious reporting.

The lead sentence to Parker’s story is, “The Sarah Palin Story is a cautionary tale about what can happen when politics and celebrity meet.”

The Suzi Parker Story is a cautionary tale about what can happen when political agendas meet journalism.