Are the Saudis About to Sink the Petro-Dollar?

If this is accurate–and the evidence seems to bear it out–it is not good news. If Obama ticks off the Saudis, it’s like having one foot pushed off the edge of the economic cliff on which we’ve been precariously perched.

From Hennessy’s View: “King Abdullah Kicks Obama Out of Saudi Arabia?

Apparently, Obama didn’t bow low enough to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Whatever happened, an “intimate” evening planned for Obama and Abdullah was abruptly cancelled after a two-hour meeting between the two leaders. A meeting intended to “mend fences” between the two men.

The White House is now denying there was dinner scheduled. They’ve scrubbed all references from the White House web site, they’ve demanded return of printed copies of the schedule (and the state media complied). They’ve even deleted a State Department tweet about the dinner. Before the MSM finishes scrubbing their sites, I grabbed a few screens.


But dinner was cancelled:


Fox News reported that a State Department tweet posted earlier today was deleted after the White House announced that there never was a dinner planned between Abdullah and Obama. The White House would not explain why the dinner appeared on the President’s official schedule and the press briefing.

What we do know is this: King Abdullah thinks Obama’s a wimp who screwed up the whole Syria thing then appeased Iran on nuclear weapons. Abdullah has stated flat out that if Iran gets nukes, Saudi Arabia will go nuclear.

The moment the Saudis decree the end of the petrodollar is akin to pulling the pin on a hand grenade the size of Texas and Alaska combined, and dropping it on Kansas. Gas at $12/gallon or more? Yep, and worse. Interest rates on our debt skyrocketing? No question.

Money to pay for Obamacare and the President’s other pipe-dreams? Um, nope—it’s an empty till, and empty pockets, to match the empty heads in DC.