The Scam Is Settled: CNN Debates Global Warming

Earlier this week Don Lemon hosted Marc Morano from Climate Depot, and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune and Philippe Cousteau Jr., to argue about global warming.

In other news, it turns out that the planet used to be much warmer in the Roman and then the Medieval age.

A Swedish study found that the planet was warmer in ancient Roman times and the Middle Ages than today, challenging the mainstream idea that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main drivers of global warming.

The study, by scientist Leif Kullman, analyzed 455 “radiocarbon-dated mega-fossils” in the Scandes mountains and found that tree lines for different species of trees were higher during the Roman and Medieval times than they are today. Not only that, but the temperatures were higher as well.

“Historical tree line positions are viewed in relation to early 21st century equivalents, and indicate that tree line elevations attained during the past century and in association with modern climate warming are highly unusual, but not unique, phenomena from the perspective of the past 4,800 years,” Kullman found. “Prior to that, the pine tree line (and summer temperatures) was consistently higher than present, as it was also during the Roman and Medieval periods.”

Also of interest is that, five years ago yesterday, on December 13, 2008, Al Gore made a prediction. He assured his audience that, in five years, there would be no ice left at the North Pole.

This wasn’t the only time Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore’s been predicting this since 2007. That means that this year the North Pole should be completely melted by now.

Junk scientist Al Gore also made the same prediction in 2009.

Junk science is being advocated by many people. What is more interesting to me is who is funding it. Perhaps the most interesting exchange on the show was when Brune implied that Morano was in the pay of the fossil fuel industry. Morano responded, “The Sierra Club took $26 million from natural gas and Michael has the audacity to try to imply that skeptics are fossil-fuel funded.”

So why would the fossil fuel industry support the promotion of Global Warming? I can’t help but wonder if this is another instance of cartel-enforcement. Limiting the use of fossil fuels might be more likely to discourage the entry of new suppliers and allow prices to remain higher for the established companies.

The other important insight from Morano is how carbon-phobia is a distraction from real environmental problems. “Dennis Rancourt, a professor in Canada, on the left-wing side of things, said that global warming has been hijacked by the environmental movement. That’s the problem. Real environmental problems are forgotten here.”

The science is anything but settled.