Scammed Court Makes a Scam the Basis of Justice: Global Warming

The ongoing corruption of science is a grave travesty. This shows once again why science–like business, and banking/economics–should be entirely separated from government funding and oversight.

Thus, from the Washington Times, an editorial on “Rigged Science.”

A fractured Supreme Court on Monday largely upheld the Environmental Protection Agency’s radical rule designed to shut down the power plants that produce the most affordable electricity. The justices continue to accept the EPA’s labeling of carbon dioxide as a “pollutant.” This harmless gas, the agency insists, is melting the planet.

Only the brave deny man’s responsibility for super-heating the globe in precincts where the wise and wonderful (just ask them) gather to reassure each other than they know best. “We know the trends,” President Obama told the graduates at the University of California at Irvine the other day. “The 18 warmest years on record have all happened since you graduates were born.”

There’s a very old saying that “he who pays the Piper calls the tune.” Right now, certain elements in government are hearing the song they paid for.

Those charts, graphs, and temperature models used to defend “Climate Change” hysteria are as bogus as a three dollar bill. Yet because people refuse to look behind the headlines, many sincerely believe we need to “do something now” to save the planet. That’s simply not true.

The modifications made to the past temperature record had the effect of cooling the 20th century, which makes temperatures over the last 14 years appear much warmer by comparison. Such changes don’t square with history, which shows the decade of the 1930s the hottest on record.

The high court justices missed an opportunity to reverse the EPA premise that all humans are ‘polluters’ because they exhale. It’s not supposed to be easy to dupe a judge, but the global warming scientists have done it.

Many citizens are being played for fools to advance a massive political and economic agenda designed to bring power and wealth to the well-connected.