Scandal-Ridden Obama Distracts With War Prospects

What better way for the Obama administration to divert America’s attention away from all the scandals than to beat the war drums? All of a sudden, the White House claims that they have evidence that Syrian President Assad has used sarin gas on his own people and the “rebel” forces. What evidence do they have? Nobody really knows for sure. We’re just supposed to follow the White House’s lead. Trust them on this, because if we don’t, “we’re going to have some problems.”

The people that this administration keeps identifying as the “rebel” forces are terrorists. You know, the kind of people that we’re supposed to be fighting against. We are still fighting a “war on terror,” aren’t we? Yet, we’re wanting to give them more weapons and more money than we’ve already given them?

Both the Free Syrian Army and the Al-Nusra Front are Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organizations operating in and around Syria that have benefited from our indirect support through the CIA annex in Benghazi. That annex was being used to funnel weapons from Libya to Syria.

As far as evidence goes for Assad’s use of chemical weapons in Syria, all we have is hearsay from activists and the “rebel” forces there, both of whom are demanding more Western support. By claiming that their president is gassing them, it will make Americans more sympathetic to the idea of Obama sending them whatever they want.

There is actually evidence of sarin gas being used by the “rebel” forces whom the administration wants so desperately to support. As Global Research reported last month:

 “The EGM [Turkish Police] identified 12 members of the Al-Nusra terrorist cell and also seized firearms and digital equipment. This is the second major official confirmation of the use of chemical weapons by Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria after UN inspector Carla Del Ponte’s recent statement confirming the use of chemical weapons by the Western-backed terrorists in Syria. The Turkish police are currently conducting further investigations into the operations of Al-Qaeda linked groups in Turkey.”

 But this didn’t make the headlines, because it wasn’t consistent with our own regime’s geopolitical goals, whatever they may be. What we do know is that they don’t like Bashar Assad, and they want to replace him with someone they can control. The whole “humanitarian” thing is simply an excuse to go to war. The government appeals to Americans’ sense of patriotism by trying to portray the U.S. as this beacon of liberty that’s supposed to go around the world “freeing” people from their oppressive governments. But when real oppression is going on in places like Sudan, no one in government cares. That’s because they don’t really care about suffering children. They care about power. Besides, how can the U.S. government really “free” anyone from oppression when Americans are losing their own freedoms left and right?