More Scare Tactics for Americans: Climate Change will Destroy National Landmarks!

The stupid lies keep piling on. From

A new Union of Concerned Scientists report warns that if climate change continues unchecked, Americans might have fewer historical sites to be proud of. The report, which UCS says is the first to really delve into the impact of climate change on cultural and historical sites, lists 30 at-risk sites currently threatened by the changing climate, and looks at 17 case studies, from Jamestown to the Statue of Liberty, where rising sea levels and more frequent and intense weather events (like hurricanes, floods and fires) are threatening to erase the locales from the map.

“Most communities in America have some kind of historic site. These are places that people have heard about, they visit, or they want to visit. These are places that people either know about, or have seen or care about,” explains Adam Markham, Director of Climate Impacts for the UCS. “Our interest was in making this issue of climate change relevant to people who maybe haven’t thought of it much before—tourists who want to visit parks, people who care about historic preservation, people who are interested in history.”

I probably don’t need to explain this to most readers, but just in case: An organization that names itself the “Union of Concerned Scientists” is not a group whom you can ask to decide whether or not global warming is real, man-made, or going to cause a rise in the sea level. These people formed their organization because they think those issues are “settled.” Publicizing these reports is an act of advocacy on the part of the Smithsonian. Not scientific education. Think about it. Would the Smithsonian ever popularize a story about the report of climatologists who deny man-made global warming? No, they wouldn’t. Like the EPA, they pick out the scientists who will approve their agenda. They are happy to pass on propaganda from the Union of Concerned Scientists but want nothing to do with Richard Linzen, a real MIT climatologist. The Smithsonian article, with its photographs of flooding and its allegations that hurricanes—that have hit the coast as long as recorded history—are all caused by man-made global warming, is pure propaganda. It is superstition, not science.