School District Violates Teachers’ Constitutional Rights

I’ve been criticized lately for being so negative about America’s public education system.  I know that there are some schools and teachers that are excellent and haven’t bought into the liberal agenda of the educational leaders and unions.  But by and large, progressive socialists control the teachers’ union and the public education system throughout the nation.

Their influence has been seen over and over again in their deliberate attempts to infringe on the constitutional rights of students and teachers.  A recent example of this took place in Bakersfield City School District which consists of 43 pre-kindergarten to 8th grade schools in Bakersfield, California.

On September 19, the district sent out a bulletin to all teachers in the district at all 43 schools, banning them from participating in the annual See You At The Pole nationwide event.  The event is held on the fourth Wednesday in September before school starts.  Christian students of all ages and grades meet at the flag pole at their school for prayer, Scripture reading and sometimes worship and singing Christian songs.  This year, it was held last Wednesday.

Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute said that the district’s bulletin is an ‘outrageous violation’ of the teachers’ First Amendment rights.  He believes that the district purposely intended to silence teachers and prevent them from participating in the Christian event during non-school hours.  He points out that teachers don’t lose their constitutional rights when they are off the clock and that PLI will defend any teacher who is punished for showing up.

I’ve looked but could not find any reports about what happened last Wednesday in Bakersfield and if any teachers decided to exercise their constitutional and religious rights by attending.  I hope some did and I hope that the district takes action against them so that this matter will go to court and the district is found guilty of violating the Frist Amendment rights of their faculty.

There have been way too many instances like this where teachers, faculty or school administrators purposely try to restrict students and teachers from exercising their constitutional rights.  For example, did you know that it is legal for a student to instigate a discussion about God and religion in public school?  And once the student does, the teacher is allowed to respond and answer the student’s questions.  But in most schools, they bully the students and teachers into believing they aren’t allowed to talk about religion.

Now perhaps you will understand why I am so negative about America’s public school system.  They don’t care about the constitutional rights of students or faculty.  They don’t care about teaching the true history of America.  They don’t care about teaching respect for others or the American flag.  All they care about is teaching their socialist agenda and producing another generation of people like Obama, Reid, Biden and Pelosi.