School Girl Learns She Lives under Atheist Regime

If you are conditioned to not talk about God in public, even in institutions you are forced to attend, you live under an atheist regime.

Parents can, with reasonable freedom, pull their kids out of public school and either use private school or home school, if they can afford the double hit of continuing to be taxed for the school while having to pay for an alternative education. But the fact remains that government taxation laws and truancy laws coerce parents into sending their children to a public school if they cannot afford alternatives—which is less likely since they have to pay for the public schools whether they want to use them or not.

Yet in that place where they are forced to attend, they can essentially be stripped of the right to say anything about themselves that doesn’t fit the secular paradigm. They are taught that they live under an Atheist regime.

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The Daily Caller reports on such an instance, involving the daughter of a pastor and a committed believer:

The site of the First Amendment kerfuffle is Somerset Academy in North Las Vegas, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

It started back in February. The student, Mackenzie Fraiser, wanted one of her “All About Me” slides to be John 3:16, the famous Bible verse.

(If you aren’t up to speed on your New Testament Gospels, John 3:16 goes: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”)

Fraiser’s teacher refused to allow her to include the slide containing the Bible verse and showing her strong Christian beliefs.

Did you catch the name of the project? “All About Me.”

Do you think a Muslim student would be forbidden to mention the Koran? Or that a Native American student would be forbidden from using a slide showing Native American spirituality?

The pastor wrote a letter to the teacher asking if his daughter misunderstood the restriction. The school pushed back:

Assistant principal Jenyan Martinez replied a couple days later, totally confident that the taxpayer-funded school was in the right to prevent the free exercise of religion.

“When Mackenzie created the project with the expectation she would present the Biblical saying to the class, the matter became one of having a captive audience that would be subject to her religious beliefs,” Martinez instructed the pastor. “Had the assignment been designed to simply hand in for a grade, this would not have been an issue. Therefore, considering the circumstances of the assignment, Miss Jardine appropriately followed school law expectations by asking Mackenzie to choose an alternate quote for the presentation.”

I think the principal admitted a lot when she used the term “captive audience.” Why, in a “free country” do we allow children to be herded into captive audiences? Why should the teachers get free access to captive audiences?

But obviously this student is also a captive. Why should she be forced to write an assignment “about me” that forces her to strip out her religious beliefs? Requiring people to censor their own religion when it is obviously within the assigned topic is to train them to pretend to be secularists. Essentially the school was claiming out of “respect” for diversity to train students for life in a totalitarian atheist regime that forbids religious expression.

The school eventually apologized, but only because the father got constitutional lawyers to take his case and confront the school over the First Amendment. How often to schools get away with this kind of bullying?