School Official: Zimmerman Verdict Proves It’s Legal to “Hunt Down and Kill American Children”

William Dorland is the director of the University of Maryland’s Honors College. In an e-mail welcoming students back to school, Dorland interjected some statements claiming that the George Zimmerman verdict is evidence that it’s legal to hunt children:

“This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida… This year, the most activist Supreme Court in the history of the United States and radical factions of gun owners, gun manufacturers, and marijuana users are challenging the very fabric of the nation…”

And then he invited students to attend some speech by former NAACP chairman Julian Bond, who earlier had tried justifying the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, because they were “admittedly racist” and were the “Taliban wing of American politics.”

Dorland says his statements were apolitical and were meant simply to spark interest in Bond’s speech. He added about his email:

“I think it’s stirring the pot. I think, factually, the sentence — it may be strained and polemic or something — but it is roughly at least what many people would say was the outcome of the verdict [of the Trayvon Martin case]. I’m not going to avow or disavow the position because it doesn’t really matter what I think… In my job here I’m pretty apolitical. You can ask the students. I will take the side of Pope Benedict on an argument, and the next day take the side of a new Pope. You know, the intellectual position in the world is to engage people and get them to talk about what they believe in.”

I have a hard time believing that his statements were unbiased and apolitical. Saying that the Zimmerman verdict proved that it must be OK to murder children is not just political, it’s stupid.

Here’s a newsflash for Dorland. We’ve been allowed to murder children for decades now as long as those children aren’t born yet. These same liberals are the ones that claim abortion isn’t murder, because it was declared “legal” in a Supreme Court decision in 1973. And since murder isn’t legal, abortion can’t be considered murder. Pro-lifers just need to get over it and recognize that the judge has spoken.

These liberal school officials need to get over it and recognize that the Zimmerman verdict was simply the product of our legal system doing what it was designed to do in the same way that liberals claim abortion was made legal. The jury has spoken. Zimmerman was found not guilty, because there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him. If there had been evidence that showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zimmerman hunted down Martin and shot and killed him in cold blood, than the verdict would have been different. No matter how much the liberals and national media wanted Zimmerman’s head on a stick for a hate crime, the evidence just didn’t point to murder, and race had nothing to do with it. Liberals should be all for the Zimmerman verdict, since liberals only believe things when there is evidence, and they don’t ever rest on emotions or blind faith to guide their opinions.