School Only Uses English In Official Notices; Spanish-Speaking Janitors Sue

If it is not the goal of liberalism, it is certainly the end result: a backwards, ignorant society. The following story accents the ignorant.

Twelve Hispanic janitors at the Auraria Higher Education Center in Denver, CO, are biting the hand that feeds them in suing the school that, although it did not have to hire them, did anyway.

The complaints are threefold, and each issue could have been avoided had the janitors taken it upon themselves to learn English. And that is not my conservative slant on it; take it from one of the complainants herself, a Ms. Bertha Ribota, who acknowledged that the problem is hers and hers alone when she said, “If I could speak English, I wouldn’t have the problems that exist.” Right on the money, Ribota!

(It is my own personal hunch that after reading that quote, many will warm to the idea of no longer permitting low-IQ immigrants into the country.)

The complaints range from, one, being surprised to see that their paychecks had undergone a three-percent cut–a cut they signed off on (it cannot be said that this is not their fault, because it is only their fault; learn the language, and don’t sign anything before reading it); two, a notice of a scheduling change that went unread, of course, because they were posted in English, the language we speak here in America; and three, a “minor injury” not detailed in the local CBS affiliate’s report (and the only injury mentioned in the story at The Denver Post’s website is a needle prick, an “injury” that gives hefty credence to the belief that liberals are literally thin-skinned).

So what happened is that Ribota deduced and accepted that the cause of her problems is her ignorance of the English language, but then, in truly liberal fashion, joined a lawsuit with eleven other Hispanics to make somebody else pay for the problems she admits stem from her own ignorance!

There is no law in Colorado that requires all official documents and notices be bilingual. A good thing, for to make such a law would open the door for further lawsuits by speakers of those languages that are not accounted for—Somalian, for instance, or Telugu. Keep it simple—one language, the language that has been here since this country’s nascent days–and then people will know that English is the language to learn if they don’t want to run into trouble.

But this is liberalism, that we must lower ourselves to the level of the least among us. In the case of these janitors who did not know the language of the country whose benefits they elected to partake when they moved here, we must suffer the consequences of their willful ignorance—ignorance because they were without a working knowledge of the language, and willful because, while they certainly had the means to learn it, they elected not to. I suspect this is because the Democratic Party tells them they don’t have to; that the rest of America must cater to the immigrants’ lack of knowledge; that if a misunderstanding occurs as a result of the immigrants’ willful ignorance, they can rest assured that the natural-born citizens will pay the price.