School Punishment: Take Away Blind Boy’s Cane

As a school punishment a blind student was forced to used a pool noodle.

pool noodle

If, for some reason, you need more evidence, here is another piece of data that supports the thesis that our public institutions are ruled by idiots.

My local Fox 2 station reports: “School punishes blind child by taking away cane and replacing it with a pool noodle.”

Parents are outraged after they say an elementary school punished their blind child by replacing his cane with a pool noodle.

Dakota Nafzinger attends Gracemor Elementary School in Kansas City.  The 8-year-old was born without eyes — something in the medical world known as Bilateral Anopthalmia.

School District Spokeswoman Michelle Cronk tells FOX 4 in Kansas City that Dakota hit somebody with his cane on while riding the bus. She says they took away his cane and gave him a pool noodle because he needed something to hold. Cronk said Dakota fidgets without his cane.

Dakota’s father, Donald Nafzinger, said his son lifts his cane sometimes and the bus driver thought he was using it violently.

“They said they were going to give me this for the next two weeks,” Dakota said.

I have no idea if the parents are right that their son was misunderstood of if they are blind in their own way as many parents are. What I do know is that a cane is used by a blind person to help him find his way. Obvioiusly, a pool noodle will not do nearly as good a job.

So how does this work. If someone was to hit or slap another student, would they force him to have a sock tied around his hand so that he could not use it anymore? Would they make someone go blindfolded for two weeks?

Why not? That is essentially what they have done to this blind student.

Yes, the student needed to be disciplined, but this is an extreme and humiliating way to do it. I tried to embed the video, but couldn’t get it to work. If you watch it you will notice that the cane was given to Dakota by the school district. So they feel they can take it away whenever they want. This means Dakota wasn’t just forced to use a pool noodle at school but at home as well. He simply no longer has a cane.

This could be a lesson about the welfare state. What bureaucrats have given they also feel they can take away.

And they will.