School Restrooms: Transgender Kids Have A ‘Right’ To Make Others Uncomfortable?

Writing about the decision by Maine’s Supreme Court to hear the case of a 15-year-old “transgender” boy-to-girl, self-named Nicole, who wants the right to use his school’s female restrooms, Adam Winkler asks at The New Republic (TNR), “Where should a transgender schoolgirl be allowed to pee?”

The answer that’s obvious to me is that a schoolgirl should be allowed—no, required—to use the restrooms designated for girls, and a schoolboy should be required to use the restrooms designated for boys.

We cannot choose our genders, as some believe, any more than we can choose what species we are. Trans-obsessed individuals, insistent that gender is different from sex and is merely a social construct and/or is subject to the self-evaluation of one’s sexuality, are in direct contradiction of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, which defines “gender” as “The sex of an individual….” “Nicole’s” gender is male because his sex is male because he was born a male, and no fantasy can change that.

Understandably, the female teenagers at “Nicole’s” school did not want a hormonally fueled teenage boy with an identity disorder to be sharing the restrooms with them where the only thing that inhibits “Nicole’s” ability to see the private parts of his female classmates are stalls with gaps between the doors and the separating walls. Nor can they be faulted. Is it reasonable to expect a thousand students to bend to the will of one simply to help advance that one’s perception of his own sex? That would be outright unfair. So the school, instead of telling the boy that his comfort is not more important, nor his cause more righteous, than that of the entire student body, did what TNR calls “remarkably insensitive”: they permitted him the use of staff bathrooms. Apparently TNR feels it would be more sensitive to force everybody else to adapt to “Nicole’s” world rather than “Nicole” adapt to everybody else’s.

So what is the next logical step of any fascist in such a situation? Sue the school. And with that, TNR declares that “the next frontier of the civil-rights movement is transgender and transsexual equality.” I might have added after that, “…and the transgenders’ goal to make everyone around them as uncomfortable as possible.”

Look no further for a fundamental difference between the conservative and liberal ideologies than their priorities: the conservatives, fighting against an ever-expansive government that leads inevitably to ever-more corruption and ever-crumbling financial stability, and the liberals, fighting for the rights of teenage boys to use teenage girls’ bathrooms regardless of how the girls feel about it.

And I advise you dare not challenge me on this, because for the sake of this article, as long as you are reading it, I self-identify as being a transgendered person, and am therefore an authority on the matter. You can’t tell me I’m not transgendered; I say I am, so I am. Anything you say to disagree with me will amount to bigotry and transphobia.