“Science” “Shows” Children Raised by Homosexual Couples Are Happier

A guy raising a child with his male partner did a study that shows that the children raised in homosexual homes are “healthier and happier” than children raised otherwise. Think maybe his agenda overcame his “science”?

Family Voice Australia research officer Roslyn Phillips said the study should be taken with caution.

“I wasn’t surprised that these parents who volunteered for the study all thought their children were doing well,” Ms Phillips said.

“You’ve got to look beyond studies like these to what happens when the child reaches adulthood, and that’s the only time with independent assessment you can really say what’s gone on with the parenting and then ask them how they’re going in all sorts of ways, I think that would be a more relevant study.

Ms Phillips also questioned the objectivity of the study’s lead researcher.

“Simon Crouch is raising two young children himself with his male homosexual partner, the results should be taken with caution,” she said.

However, Dr Crouch said his personal situation did not impact on the results of the study.

Crouch of course dismissed the idea. He is completely objective as were all the researchers. I’m sure all the “couples” who were quizzed about the children were all rigorously self-critical as well.

The whole reason such an idiotic “study” was constructed in the first place was because they don’t want to face real rigorous science. They just want to pitch themselves soft balls and then hit them out of the park.

Notice the opening paragraph of the Raw Story article about this study:

study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne, in Australia, found that the children of same-sex couples fare better “than the general population on measures of general health and family cohesion.”

So, as far as I know, the general population would include every social class, single-parent homes, and foster children. How many same-sex couples with children are poor, minority, or working class? I suspect they are relatively few. Unless they control for such variables, the study is even more worthless.

Interestingly, the Raw Story also informs us, “Unlike many studies of same-sex parenting, the majority of respondents were lesbian parents.” Yet it goes on to make assertions about generic “same-sex” couples.

Is that even moderately scientific? It is crazy to assume that two men raising children and two women raising children are generically the same so that the difference can be ignored and we can draw conclusions about all “same sex couples” regardless of the sex of the couples. In fact, it makes no sense to assume that children of the same sex as the “parents,” and of the opposite sex would respond in the same way.

When you think about it, it is amazing how little real research has been done, yet the U.S. government is trying to shove this onto all other nations. Studies that show different results are, of course, discounted.