Scientist Association Can’t Force Members to Agree with Manmade Global Warming Despite Trying Hard

From JoAnne Nova’s blog:

So much for the consensus.  In 2012 The Geological Society of Australia (GSA) was one of the few associations to make a slightly skeptical position on climate. For poking their heads above the parapet they’ve had years of headache and debate, and finally have issued a statement saying they have given up entirely on putting out any statement. The debate is so furious and divisive that no position could be agreed on. (I wonder exactly how many of their members are fans of climate models? Was this the work of just a few zealous believers?) I think I’ve hardly ever met a geologist who wasn’t somewhat skeptical.

The back story is that, like most science associations, in 2009 the GSA chanted the litany. (Their 2009 statement is here). They wrote that governments should take strong action to reduce CO2 and that meant paying geologists more to do research and sit on plum advisory committees. How predictable…


That’s when they discovered that their members were furious and did not agree. It caused an uproar. So they surveyed their members (if only all associations would do that) and reissued a statement in 2012 which was more skeptical. Now, after being badgered for another two years they have backed away from the whole debate. It is too divisive to even put forward a statement that does not pander entirely and 100% to the so-called consensus.

But, wait… don’t these scientists know that 97% of scientists agree man-caused global warming is a crisis… a disaster in the making… a reason we all need to give up living in the modern world, throw all of our money down politically-designed and connected rat holes… and give our politicians power that ancient kings could only dream of having?

I mean, what’s wrong with these guys, don’t they know science is supposed to be decided by political means, as it is in the rest of the Western World?!?

This story shows firstly how meaningless statements from most science associations are. Argument from Authority always was, and still is, a fallacy of reasoning. 

So much for the consensus. Looks like the truth is breaking out: Climate Change hysteria is bogus nonsense—not supported by the facts—and contrary to the lies, scientists are not agreed. Looks like the debate is far from over–sorry, Al Gore.