Scott Walker Shows the Country Wants Financial Sanity

If Scott Walker is aiming at the White House, we can be pretty sure that his bill-signing is giving voters what they want.

scott walker

Does anyone remember when Chris Christie was pumped up as the great fighter of unions? What happened to that?

But for Scott Walker, his reputation remains intact. In fact, he has now effectively ended “collective bargaining” for public unions. As Associated Press reports, “Gov. Walker, mulling White House run, signs bill making Wisconsin 25th right-to-work state.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a right-to-work bill into law Monday, striking another blow against organized labor four years after the state effectively ended collective bargaining for public-sector workers.

Walker, a likely presidential candidate fresh on a weekend visit to Iowa, signed the bill affecting private-sector employees at an invitation-only ceremony at Badger Meter north of Milwaukee. The company’s president was one of the few business owners who publicly supported the measure, which rocketed through the Legislature in less than two weeks.

His sleeves rolled up and his suit jacket off, the Republican governor sat at a table with a banner that said “Freedom to Work” as he signed the bill that makes it a misdemeanor to require workers to pay unions dues.

Just before the signing, Walker said the new law “sends a powerful message across the country and around the world.”

I don’t know much about Scott Walker personally, but when he says the law sends a powerful message, I think it is obvious that he really means it. Why do I say this? It is simple. If Walker is really ambitious to win the White House he isn’t going to do anything that sends a negative message. He undoubtedly has people who do research and guide him on strategy. If these people thought that signing this bill would hurt him, they would warn him and he would find a way to do things differently.

So the fact that Scott Walker signed this bill is a good indicator that people are ready to see public unions dismantled. Why shouldn’t they? After all, we see the ongoing bankruptcy nightmare in Detroit and the impending financial nightmare starting in Chicago. It seems quite likely that ongoing financial disasters will be supporting Walker’s campaign by providing direct evidence that his work defeating public unions is what we need.