Sebelius Denies Obamacare Reduces Jobs And Uses Obamacare Authority To Reduce Jobs

“There is absolutely no evidence and every economist will tell you this, that there is any job loss related to the Affordable Care Act.” –Kathleen Sebelius.

There is a great deal of evidence that Obamacare has resulted in job loss. But Sebelius, while pretending none of it exists, has provided some of her own evidence.

From Fox News:

But Sebelius herself, using discretion granted her by the Affordable Care Act, cut the maximum allowed by law from home health care funds. The cuts were deep enough that officials offered a damaging prediction of the impact saying, it was estimated that approximately 40 percent of providers would have negative margins.

And companies with negative margins don’t last long — or have to cut workers.

Dan Weber, head of the Association of Mature American Citizens, says “forty percent will be put into the red and anyone who has a brain in their skull knows that they’re going to have to cut jobs and reduce services in order to make up the money.”

In fact, those cuts put in jeopardy 498,000 jobs of home health care workers who work just for that 40 percent of firms that will be forced into the red — the kind of home health workers who allow Yvonne Wightman, 98, to avoid expensive hospital or nursing home stays by getting care at home.

So once again we have all this great affordable health care promised to us when what is delivered is the reduction in medical care. Once again we have a case where Obamacare destroys jobs and takes away options from people needing medical care. And, once again, we have a major politician lying through her teeth to ward off criticism that is amply deserved. This was Sebelius’ version of Obama’s “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period.”

I’m somewhat curious about why Sebelius made such a hostile move against home healthcare workers. Does she want to see more of the elderly corralled into hospitals and nursing homes? I don’t know yet. As Obamacare progresses (or, rather, degenerates) we will have more opportunities to look at the harmful decisions of our medical masters and try to discern a method to their madness.