The Self-Righteous HomoRepublican Campaign

If Jeb Bush runs, you need to keep this article from Politico Magazine in mind, “Inside George W. Bush’s Closet.” The takeaway for conservatives is that many of the people working on big name campaigns are practicing homosexuals who expect their candidate to do things for them.

The opening scenario shows just how deluded and entitled these people are. George W. Bush is treated as a betrayer for holding the same views that candidate Barack Obama held in 2008. Why is he a betrayer? Because after making “combating AIDS in Africa a personal cause,” Bush promised to not countenance same sex “marriage.”

How does using Federal dollars to fight a disease that especially hits homosexuals, lead one to expect such a President to stop believing marriage is a relationship between male and female? It makes no sense.

It makes even less sense because, the homosexual campaign worker who felt so betrayed already knew that Bush was opposed to same sex “marriage.” The entire complaint is illogical garbage.

A few months later, one of his gay friends who had also worked in the White House sat down in front of Facebook and counted the Bush White House staffers he knew to be gay. He came up with at least 70 (only two of them women).

That number—and after speaking with two dozen sources I have no doubt it was an incomplete tally—has surprised almost everyone I’ve told.

I’m surprised it is so low. In fact, I frankly doubt the reporter is being truthful that people involved in the White House were so surprised at that supposedly “high” number.

I’ve asked before if the real history of homosexuals in the GOP will ever be known. This article reads to me like a half-truth, though I’m only guessing. The occasion for my original question was the arrest of Lamar Alexander’s Chief of Staff, Ryan Loskarn. A few days earlier, John Boehner had expressed approval of getting more homosexuals to run for office as Republicans. About a month later, Loskarn died and his death was ruled a suicide. I assume whatever he knew about a wider child porn network died with him.

How important is it that homosexuals work for the Republican Party? Frankly, if the person was a true libertarian, I would disagree with him, but I wouldn’t mind as much. But if these are people who are simply pushing for the power of the executive to be used as a tool for pansexual social revolution, then they are a threat. And remember how the Leftists go insane at the thought of Christians serving as interns for politicians.

This is a real vulnerability that Tea Party voters should take seriously.