Senator Chuck Schumer: Obama Scandals Could Actually Hurt GOP In 2014

New York Chuck Schumer was one of the Senators who wrote the IRS last year, asking them to probe tax-exempt organizations who were “masquerading as social welfare organizations.” Their letter to the IRS didn’t mention conservative groups specifically. But we see that the effect has been that the IRS have consistently targeted groups that have names that suggest a conservative or tea party persuasion. And those tax-exempt organizations on the left that are actively engaged in politics are left unmolested by the IRS.

Now, Schumer’s giving some friendly political advice to conservatives regarding the IRS scandal as well as all the other scandals that are brewing:

 “My warning to the Republicans is look at 1998. All they did is spend their time on the impeachment of Bill Clinton. And for the first time, the incumbent president didn’t lose seats in the House. Certainly there should be investigations and of the IRS, which I think is the really serious one of these three. The others are serious, but we haven’t seen wrong-doing. The press shield area is a mess and you need independent legislation, as I mentioned. But if they go too far, they will lose. And the – the looking into these investigations is no substitute for focusing on the economy, jobs, and the middle class. And Republicans are right to want to look into these things. But if they emphasize it too much they’re going to pay a price at the polls in 2014.”

 He claims to be critical of the IRS debacle (even though he likely had a hand in encouraging the IRS to target conservative tax-exempt organizations). I think that’s sort of like abortion proponents condemning Kermit Gosnell. The details were too public, too gruesome to approve of or even ignore. They had no choice but to condemn him. The IRS deal is the same way. Details of it are too public. So, the most politically expedient thing to do is to condemn it, pretend it was the work of a couple misguided employees, move on and forget about it. And back to business-as-usual.

Schumer said he thinks we should all focus on the economy, jobs and the middle class. I agree that those things are important. But how can a government do those things when they seem intent on targeting political enemies? Or listening in on news organizations’ phone conversations and reading their e-mails? Or telling security forces to stand down even though one of our facilities was under attack? Or running guns to Mexican drug cartels (or terrorist organizations in the Middle East for that matter) to achieve their own political ends? Is a government this corrupt even capable of jump-starting the economy, creating jobs or helping the middle class? I don’t think so.