Senator Thinks We Need Climate Change Heresy Trials

Obviously, without climate change heresy trials, there will be no way to uphold the “settled science” of global warming.

The center of cultural influence in Western society has shifted from the Church to the laboratory. Whereas cads and charlatans historically gravitated toward black robes, now they often don white lab coats—science is the new defender of allowable orthodoxy.

In light of that transformation, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse now advocates, in the Washington Post, opening “heresy trials” (my term for them) for those who fail to bow to the will of Climate Change fanatics. Mr. Whitehouse apparently believes it’s time to add a little heat to the environment by burning a few “deniers” at the stake.

Faith in climate hysteria must be upheld!

Note that although the Senator from Rhode Island makes sweeping claims about those who are allegedly “misleading” the nation, he offers not one shred of evidence supporting his contention. In fact, he admits in the final paragraph that he doesn’t have any support, but he’s gosh darn sure it could be found if we would only open a racketeering Star Chamber and begin a fishing expedition.

Senator Whitehouse spills much of the ink in his opinion piece by making an emotional appeal to history surrounding tobacco companies. That illustration has absolutely zero to do with the subject in question here, but it sure gets people to the stores for more tinfoil to create some nifty headwear—one good conspiracy deserves another!

[See also, “UN Official Admits to Using Climate Change to Change Economy.”]

Here is a typical Liberal tactic. They can’t freely persuade enough others to support them through rational argument, so they resort to sheer government coercion. There’s a reason most talk-radio in America leans toward the Conservative or Libertarian… Progressive ideas are almost universally thin and brittle. Everywhere such beliefs have been implemented throughout history they have miserably failed (unless you count enriching those in power and succeeding through persecution and guns, as “working”).

Most Liberal arguments, at root, are as absurd as telling us that a man is actually a woman. Um… wait… I think I’ve heard that one somewhere recently.

It is chilling that a sitting U.S. Senator could seriously propose such tyrannical nonsense. But I do have an idea for Mr. Whitehouse: There is solid evidence of collusion and deception in relation to climate science. Numerous insider emails were leaked showing scientists “cooking the numbers” and agreeing together to change scientific data to support their side of the argument.

Unfortunately for the good Senator that evidence came out of the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, and was aimed at supporting hysteria over “global warming.” But as long as we’re seeking justice and truth, then we shouldn’t care who ends up being prosecuted for racketeering, right, Mr. Senator?

Yes, the globe has experienced a tiny measure of warming over the course of several decades–though it seems to have “paused” for nearly 20 years recently—but there is no solid connection between that warming and anything man has done. More importantly, all of the direst predictions of what will happen due to any additional warming were based on computer models which have scientifically proven to be totally wrong.

Destroying modern economies to address a problem we don’t fully understand is a fool’s game wherein the only guarantee is that it would enrich elite insiders (more Solyndras, anyone?), and have a demonstrably massive and negative impact on the poor throughout the developing world.

Forget the climate witch trials, Senator Whitehouse. A huge number of us who are skeptical are not so because of any conspiracy, but because the unadulterated science does not support what the White House wants to accomplish in not letting another manufactured “crisis” go to waste.