Senatorial Democrats Consider Average Americans Too Far Beneath Them to Count

I suspect some Republicans are not much better, but I think this action needs to be properly named. I wrote earlier that the Senate Democrats are plainly committed to promoting the fear of Global Warming, otherwise they would not go to such great lengths. But if they are motivated about so-called climate change that means they are apathetic about the issues that matter to Americans—and thus apathetic about Americans.

Here are findings, from the Pew Research Center in late January, detailing what Americans say they are concerned about. What you notice is that the economy is first and jobs are second. Dealing with global warming is the next to last topic of importance to Americans on a list of twenty such topics.

The Pew Research Center’s annual survey of policy priorities, conducted Jan. 15-19 among 1,504 adults, finds that the public’s agenda continues to be dominated by the economy (80% top priority), jobs (74%) and terrorism (73%). As in past years, the lowest-rated priorities are dealing with global warming (29%) and dealing with global trade (28%).

Other issues of more concern to Americans than global warming include terrorism (this one disappointed me), fixing education, fixing Social Security, reducing the deficit, fixing Medicare, reducing health care costs (!!!), fixing the tax system, and reducing crime.

The Senate Democrats certainly know that the American people have issues of immediate concern to them. It did not require a prophet to predict that Americans would be more concerned about the economy and jobs than about alleged “global warming.” This economy is still horrifically bad, Obama’s “trickle down” strategy notwithstanding.

So here we have on public display—by the choice of the Senate Democrats themselves—an open war on the priorities, worries, and anxieties of the American people. The real suffering they experience from joblessness and from the impoverishment of government-mangled healthcare (that is, Obamacare) means nothing to them. These Senators truly believe it is their place to lecture the American people on what we should think and care about.

It isn’t just that they don’t care about our concerns. These Senators are backing a president who is doing the opposite of reducing healthcare costs. Obama’s only concern for education is to herd the kiddies into it at a younger age. They are actively opposed to American priorities.

Could the Senate be more deliberate or obvious in showing contempt for average Americans? I’m not seeing how.

They care about global warming and are making great efforts for it, while they leave Americans to fume and suffer with the other things that are of real concern for them.

I have no idea what makes them so arrogant. By all rational judgment, these people should lose big in 2014. I hope the GOP points out how they grandstand on non-issues while they ignore (or aggravate!) the needs of Americans.