Why Are We Sending Green Berets into Northern Iraq?

If you were worried about us being gradually entangled in Iraq, stop worrying. There is nothing gradual about what is happening. We are practically rushing in. The latest is that we are sending Green Berets north into Kurdish territory.

Jason Ditz writes for AntiWar.com,

Though the majority of US ground troops in Iraq remain in and around Baghdad, a group of special forces has been sent northward into Kurdistan to set up a second “Joint Operations Center” in Irbil.

Ditz points out two things that are odd about this mission.

In the first place, the Kurds are getting ready to break away from the rest of Iraq, despite John Kerry’s instruction to do otherwise. So they aren’t going to be doing “joint operations” with the Iraqi military. The Iraqi military will not be welcome there

In the second place, the official task that the troops were sent to Iraq to complete was “assessing the Iraqi military. That makes sense in Baghdad. But it makes no sense to go up north away from the Iraqi military.

So, quite obviously, the mission of the troops has already been changed beyond what the Administration or the Defense Department has admitted to.

Ditz continues:

And while officials continue to insist the troops won’t engage in combat, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey says that the war may “get to the point” where they start launching airstrikes against ISIS.

All signs point to the US “advisers” getting ready for direct combat operations in both Iraq and Kurdistan, with the Pentagon shipping Apache attack helicopters to Baghdad to “protect American interests” in the capital, and deploying combat troops to fly them.

It seems to me we are headed into Iraq War III. I wonder if anyone in Congress has yet been informed of the real plan.

Doubt it.