Sharia Law: What Was Wrong With Franklin Graham Saying “Go Back Where You Came From”?

CNS News is just reporting this, and it is worth considering. Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, gave an interview to the Charlotte Observer. His statements about Muslims and Sharia law are what I want to comment on.

Graham, who oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, said, “We should be afraid of Sharia law. We should be absolutely afraid of it. No question about it, because there’s no tolerance in Sharia law. It persecutes those that do not believe in Islam.”

“And I would say to Muslims in this country, if they want to practice Sharia law, go back to where you came from, to those nations that recognize sharia law,” said Graham.  “But we have our own laws here.”

Sharia law is a big ugly mess. I’m not sure what chance it has to actually be a threat here in the United States because we seem more interested lately in pretending there can be marriage with two men or two women and then forcing everyone else to act as if such a mockery was real.  So I’m not quite sure why Graham said we should be afraid of it. Perhaps he was referring to types of crime that might be more prevalent in some immigrant Muslim communities.

But that’s not what I think was wrong with Graham’s statement. At most, I wish he had said “detest” or “despise” rather than “fear.”

What is really a mistake, I think, is to lead Muslims to believe that they have a home territory where they are safe to practice Sharia Law.

They don’t. They shouldn’t be given help in believing that they have such a home.

Most Muslims think there is territory on planet earth that is unquestionably Muslim in some kind of lasting sense. It begins in Mecca, I suppose, and moves out from there.

They are wrong.

Jesus told his disciples to go and disciple all the nations. Every one of them.

Neither Saudi Arabia, nor  Egypt, nor Pakistan, nor any of the rest are exceptions to Jesus’ rule. Sooner or later the people who live there will pray through Jesus to the Father and consider the claims of Mohammad as those of a false prophet.

Because he was a false prophet.

So yes, if you are Muslim you can go running back to “where you came from” and hope to find refuge for your Sharia Law, but it won’t last forever. Jesus didn’t march into Jerusalem for some fraction of the human race to allow the rest to go to the dominion of a false prophet. He wants the world. He has won the world. He is the only true prophet and king of the world.

And, of course, many people in the U.S. don’t want to hear that truth of the Gospel any more than Muslims do. “We have our own laws here,” said Graham. Yes, but these are often new laws that are opposed to God and to His Son Jesus—those laws pretending that two people of the same sex can have a relationship properly called “marriage,” for example.

Most people in the United States think their country is forever secular by some kind of manifest destiny.

The only one with a true manifest destiny is Jesus, who died and rose again. And his destiny is to rule unchallenged over North America just like everywhere else.

So there’s no going there and we aren’t going to forever get to have “our own laws” here. In both cases we should and will be ruled by the Word of God because Jesus is the true King.