Sharyl Attkisson Hacked by Obama Administration?

Did someone in government have Sharyl Attkisson hacked?


The alleged government hacking and bugging of this journalist is beyond appalling. The Federal workers who undertook these criminal acts are guilty of treason against the United States Constitution, and should be executed.

The Daily Signal posted five stories from Attkisson’s new book, including her testimony that her computer was hacked.

Sharyl Attkisson has been called a “pit bull” by former bosses and “unreasonable” by top Obama administration officials. The veteran investigative reporter isn’t known for backing down from a story — even when faced with hacked computers, screaming flacks and suspicious cables.

Attkisson’s new book, “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington” (Harper), doesn’t come out until Nov. 4. But tantalizing excerpts obtained by the  Washington Post and New York Post have caused a stir as they make their way around the Washington, D.C., media circuit.


 Besides the computers, Attkisson ran into problems with her telephones, television and alarm system — all run on Verizon’s FiOS system.

She enlisted the help of “Jeff” to determine what was wrong with her phones and computers. He looked around the outside of her house and something caught his eye: Dangling from the FiOS box affixed to a brick wall was a stray fiber-optic line used to download data and send it away.

Attkisson took a picture of the cable and called Verizon, whose customer service reps said they didn’t install it. Verizon instructed the reporter to report it to police, then called back to tell her they wanted to look themselves.

“That shouldn’t be there,” said the technician who visited Attkisson’s home on New Year’s Day.

I say again: Whoever hacked and bugged Sharyl Attkisson’s computers, installed the extra fiber line to her house, and listened to her private conversations should be tried and, if found guilty, executed for treason. Those who ordered these actions should share the same fate. There must be no mercy for those who have consciously undertaken to protect an Administration at the cost of a Free Press (or any other bedrock Constitutional principle).

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If there are not very visible Congressional investigations on these matters, you can be sure the government is captured by those who are enemies of the United States—an entire cadre of treasonous snakes—regardless of Party label.

I hope I make myself clear. America, as America, cannot survive these diabolical actions by those who are on the taxpayer’s payroll. Freedom is on life-support.