Sharyl Attkisson Reveals That She Believes U.S. Gov May Be Supporting a Drug Cartel

You probably already know who Sharyl Attkisson is. If not, the above video is as good an introduction as any.

Because Bill O’Reilly briefly ran by several topics, the main point of the interview was how CBS kept trying to kill interesting stories. But that is not what took my breath away about this interview. I was shaken by the fact that Attkisson had no problem naming and taking seriously a claim about Fast and Furious that, up until now, I had never seen treated in the mainstream media. We covered it as it appeared in the Blaze, Breitbart, and the New American.

From Truth Revolt:

After introducing his guest, O’Reilly asked Attkisson about her investigation into the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal. 

The former CBS reporter asserted that she began to make inroads into the story but had to drop it:

Attkisson: I found out that we had to quit pursuing the story more or less due to lack of interest well before we found answers to a lot of questions. Including what about all the other cases besides the one you know as Fast and Furious that were also using similar strategies to transfer weapons down to Mexico. And how did this, if at all, play into a strategy the United States may be using to draw support or give support towards one of the cartels in Mexico against one of the others much like they had done in Columbia and other places.

O’Reilly: Playing one off against the other

So there you have it, something many (including yours truly) have been saying since Fast and Furious first broke as a story. There was no botched operation. No one has ever shown any evidence of an attempt to track the weapons being “walked” to Mexico—an attempt that failed. That interpretation of what happened has always been a cover story.

The purpose in “walking” the weapons to the drug cartels was never anything other than to get weapons to the drug cartels. The story that anyone meant to track the weapons to gain intelligence was a thin ruse probably used to gain the cooperation of the less corrupted BATF agents.

Frankly, the alleged “divide and conquer” strategy is probably a cover-up as well. From the stories I see it looks more like the Federal Government hoped to support a single cartel against its rivals. Not so much “divide and conquer” but “empower and control.”

If this story grows, perhaps the next time a bank gets a light civil fine for laundering drug money, the public will start to grasp the game that people within our government and financial ruling class are playing.

I would love to think that a Fox News program discussing this issue with a veteran former CBS reporter means the truth is about to become widely known.

We can only hope, pray, and try to spread the word ourselves.