Sheriff Arrested For Defending Citizen’s 2nd Amendment Rights

Recently, there have been groups of sheriffs from around the country banding together in their opposition to federal and state gun control efforts. They’re coming together and announcing that they won’t be enforcing any unconstitutional laws that pertain to people’s 2nd Amendment rights.

CNS News had asked Jay Carney what he thought of sheriffs not complying with unconstitutional gun laws. He said that they’d better follow the law. Besides, there’s nothing unconstitutional about any proposed gun laws thus far. So there shouldn’t be anything for sheriffs to complain about.

Well, one Florida sheriff is learning the hard way what happens when a person in a position of authority such as himself stands up for the 2nd Amendment rights of a citizen. Governor Rick Scott had him removed from office, suspended without pay and arrested on trumped up charges relating to “altering and destroying official court documents.”

The New American summarized the situation:

“[T]he case against Sheriff Finch began when Floyd Eugene Parrish was arrested on March 8 for carrying a concealed weapon. Sergeant James Hoagland of the Liberty County Sheriff’s office arrested Parrish after pulling him over and finding a loaded pistol in his pocket. Parrish was booked into a holding cell while administrative officers began working up the processing documents. The court records released to The New American also reveal that after Sergeant Hoagland left the county jail, Sheriff Finch arrived with a member of Parrish’s family and was present while the family member visited with Parrish while the latter was still in the holding cell. Sheriff Finch then allegedly seized the arrest documents, released Parrish, and informed him that no charges would be filed against him.”

Parrish’s arresting officer apparently talked to Sheriff Finch after the (non)incident, and Finch said that he “believed in 2nd Amendment rights.” What exactly was criminal about Parrish carrying a concealed pistol? As far as I know, that’s not even a violation of Florida’s concealed carry laws. But even if it were, the county sheriff can overrule that unconstitutional law.

As soon as Governor Scott found out about this, he replaced Sheriff Finch with Carl Causey, an agent in charge of the Pensacola region of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Causey will be interim sheriff for Liberty County.

So, I guess this is what happens when sheriffs try to protect people’s 2nd Amendment rights. If the arrest was really over the fact that the individual had a concealed gun on him and that’s it, then the arrest was a false one. Sheriff Finch was simply trying to right a wrong, and he gets thrown in jail.