Shock & Dismay for American Abortionists

It seems American abortionists were expecting a lot more “progress” by now.

Keep abortion legal_02

As LifeSite news reports:

Abortionist Curtis Boyd, who has been committing abortions since before they were legalized in 1973, was featured Friday by UK-based publication The Guardian in a piece on American abortionists.

The tone of the piece is one of shock and dismay that America has grown more pro-life, rather than more accepting of the tenets of Roe v. Wade, since 1973. To drive this point home, the piece includes this startling infographic from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute displaying the radical pro-life shift in opinion as evidenced by legislative restrictions on abortion.

If you are looking for good news about our culture: here it is! Abortionists in the United States cannot understand why they have not won over the culture. They thought they were being social pioneers, but they are finding they are still social pariahs.

It has now been over forty years since the Roe versus Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973—more than a Biblical generation. It is a world that doesn’t seem right to the abortionists. The Guardian story quotes one of them:

“We thought it would be available in every family practice, that there would be no resistance Every medical school would be teaching it.” Now, Curtis says, “We wake up and think, ‘My God what has happened?’”

It seems shocking to these people that the American populace is not made up of sheep who will allow the Federal courts to mold their values and morals. It was assumed that, once the Federal government had eviscerated the power of states to outlaw abortion, we would all fall into line behind our national masters of baby bloodshed.

Didn’t happen.

The churches and other religions that teach against homicide have prevailed culturally against the political death cult that is the U.S. Federal government as well as the United Nations and other population control centers.

It turns out that religion is where the impulse to legalize abortion has come from as well. According to the Guardian, one abortionist was a Baptist minister turned butcher:

But the real turning point for him came in the 1960s, during the civil rights and women’s movement, when he was recruited by an underground network of ministers and rabbis. The group, the Clergy Consultation Service on Problem Pregnancies, provided safe abortion advice at a time when women were risking injury and death visiting disreputable practitioners. His role was initially advisory, but eventually he began performing safe, but then illegal, abortions.

So we have here a tale of two conflicting religions. One is a utopian death cult while the other adheres to “Thou shalt not kill” as a permanent rule based on immutable divine command. The first is pagan and has done a great deal of damage in the world, but the second is not defeated.