Shocker: Michelle Obama Honestly Called For Obamacare “Sacrifice” In 2008

Obama went all over the country assuring people that, under his plan, if they wanted to keep their doctor, they could keep their doctor; and if they wanted to keep their plan, they could keep their plan.

But back in 2008, according to Breitbart, there is evidence that Michelle Obama wanted to level with the American people to some extent. She took her campaign’s “yes we can” mantra and applied it to affording Obamacare:

It’s going to cost us something as a society to say, ‘We can’t tolerate millions of people uninsured. We can’t tolerate it.’ But in order for all of us to get a little bit more, a whole bunch of us are going to have to give up a little something that we have. And that’s not, sort of, what we’ve been taught…

Alright, so if you have a leader like Barack, who is saying, ‘Yes, we know how much this is gonna cost–it’s gonna cost us billions, but we can do it,’ what are we willing to sacrifice to make that sure we have the resources to do it?…

But that’s–that’s the mindset that has to change, with what does it mean to live in a society, what does it mean to be an American, and what kind of sacrifice do we all have to make?

What Barack says: ‘We all have the work to do,’ you know. It’s not just about changing the person in the White House, but it’s about changing out mindset, what we’re willing to sacrifice, even our own individual selves.

Pretty amazing:

  • “cost us”
  • “give up a little something that we have”
  • “willing to sacrifice”
  • “sacrifice… we have to make”
  • “willing to sacrifice, even our own individual selves”

I am tempted to congratulate the first lady for being honest.

Except what has she been willing to sacrifice? Yes, I know she complains about life in the White House, but she gets vacations that are out of reach for most royalty.

And, besides that, why should cancer victims be willing to sacrifice their chances of living so that someone else can get substance abuse counseling?

I suppose Liberals find Michelle Obama’s talk to be inspirational. But all I hear her doing is advocating human sacrifice.