Should People on the No-Fly List Be Permitted to Drive?

Reuters reports, “Oregon woman held in Las Vegas Strip sidewalk rampage drove with license suspended.”

An Oregon woman who killed one woman and injured at least 35 pedestrians when she plowed her car into crowds on a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk on Sunday evening was driving on a suspended license, authorities said on Monday.

Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, who was homeless and had been living in her sedan with her toddler, gave herself up to officers a short distance from the scene of the carnage. She parked her car and told a valet to call 911, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo told a news conference.

Surveillance video from the scene supports the police assertion that Holloway drove into pedestrians as “an intentional act,” Lombardo said.

He told reporters Holloway made a statement to police explaining her motive. He declined to relate what she said, other than that the incident did not appear to be a militant attack.

Sally Ridenour, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, said Holloway was driving with a suspended license.

“Her license was suspended by the Oregon DMV in 2012 and was also suspended by (Portland’s) Multnomah County in 2013 and has not been reinstated,” Ridenour said.

I have also seen several headlines that assure us that the police have not “ruled out terrorism” as a motive.

So, given how the President and others have responded to the San Bernardino shooting, how should we expect such politicians to react to this crime?

Have they suggested waiting periods and background checks before buying a car?

How about getting strict about driver’s licenses? But that wouldn’t be of much help. The women was driving with a suspended license. Imagine that! People who want to commit vehicular homicide will actually dare to BREAK THE LAW regarding a driver’s license. That’s almost as unthinkable as a shooter going to a gun-free zone.

How soon before we hear that only professional taxi drivers and bus drivers should be permitted to drive. Private car ownership is far too dangerous. At least we should prohibit anyone on the no-fly list from driving.

If liberal anti-gun nonsense makes any sense, then all these proposals make sense as well.