Should Skateboards be Banned Now?

Earlier this week, a young man at a Santa Ana, California, Starbucks acted out of self-defense when an older man approached him and attacked him.  The young man hit the older man with his skateboard.  Eyewitnesses gave this account to a local news station:

 A man was pacing back and forth, bothering coffee shop customers outside the Starbucks location, and then began punching the store’s window. The man, who seemed to be on drugs, went inside and zoned in on a young skateboarder, the witnesses said.

The man approached the skateboarder aggressively, prompting the young man to stand up and whack the first man once in the head. The witnesses described the incident as self-defense.

The man fell to the ground, and the skateboarder at first ran from the coffee shop.

“He did what anybody … would do when they feel attacked. They’re going to protect themselves,” Martinez said.

She described the scene as “really traumatizing.”

The man died, Santa Ana Police Department Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said on scene.

Bertagna confirmed the incident involved a skateboard.

Now, following the same bad logic that is applied to guns, shouldn’t skateboards be banned?  After all, anyone can pick up a skateboard in a shop along the beach.  There is no background check to buy a skateboard.  Anyone with ill will can buy one with the intent to kill someone with it.  Right?

This sounds ludicrous, but laws like this are being considered for knives in England.  Read about it here.  If these sorts of laws are passed anywhere, it is only a matter of time until such incredible legislation is suggested for any number of blunt objects in the US.  Legislation like that which is being considered in England for knives is an example of how government intervention in our private lives at every turn gets out of hand.

If we are not vigilant in standing up for our rights to protect ourselves either with guns or any other tools we have available, it won’t be long before it will be against the law to protect ourselves.  Period.