Show Me Your Hands AND I’ll Shoot: Another Dallas Cop Shoots Unarmed Man For No Reason?

Stealing a car is a serious crime but it is not a capital offense. Furthermore, when you try to execute people it is supposed to be after the trial. From The Dallas Morning News website:

For the second time in two months, a Dallas police officer is under scrutiny for shooting a man for no apparent reason.

A witness said he watched an officer shoot carjacking suspect Kelvion Walker, 19, Monday afternoon even though Walker had both hands in the air and showed no signs of having a weapon. Walker has not been charged with a crime and is in critical condition at a Dallas hospital.

“I don’t condone these two young men stealing this car,” said the witness, Scottie Smith II, a real estate agent and property manager. “I surely don’t condone these two young men driving into my complex and giving my complex this negative publicity.

“But I do not condone an officer shooting a man with his hands up in the air.”

After inquiries from The Dallas Morning News, the department issued a news release late Tuesday about the shooting.

The statement said that no weapon was found in the car. It also said police were reviewing dash cam video from the squad cars and were attempting to enhance the video “to assist in the investigation.”

Between the missing weapon and the fact that a property owner is attesting to a criminal’s defense, this doesn’t look good.

The sad irony is that the youth who was shot was the one who wanted to surrender while his partner fled the scene. WFAA reports,

Smith said he saw police chase a maroon car into the St. Augustine Townhomes in Southeast Dallas. Smith, a Notre Dame graduate, is the complex manager.

“The driver hops out of car and takes off running,” Smith recalled.

But, the passenger —19-year-old Kelvion Walker — was still in the vehicle. Dallas police said he was getting out of the car.

“One of the officers engaged one of the suspects exiting the passenger side, which led to the officer firing their weapon at the suspect,” Deputy Chief Gil Garza said.

Police said the suspect was unarmed. They are trying to enhance video from a police car camera to help with their investigation.

Of course, no one is beyond making serious mistakes under pressure. But we have to interpret this kind of news story in light of a historic push to expand police and to roll back the Second Amendment.

Do we really want a society where only police are allowed to be armed?