Shut It Down Some More

Well, Harry Reid and Barack Obama got what they wanted: a government shutdown that the media are blaming on Republicans, and Obamacare going into full operation.

The big, bad shutdown that Obama, Reid and the rest of the Democrats have been using to scare low-information voters is finally here, settling in amid Obamacare’s wake.

Obamacare’s what this is all about, of course. The Democrats and Obama couldn’t allow “The Legacy” to be stopped by a measly thing like defunding. So what if it’s going to put a huge hole in the economy, get people laid off, destroy small businesses and corporations alike, increase the number of uninsured, and ruin healthcare in this country?

The important thing is that Obama, Reid and the rest of the Democratic leadership be able to twerk in front of the whole country while the zombies chant, “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma!”

Making sure that happens is enough of a priority that Obama and the Senate are more than willing to turn off the money spigot for a time.

You shouldn’t think the shutdown is serious, even when the media report that it’s the first shutdown since 1996. We’ve actually had something like 18 shutdowns in the last 36 years. That’s an average of every other year, yet the country survived.

While the shutdown lasts, Obama and Reid will do their utmost to see that as much pain as is possible is delivered to voters, particularly lower-income voters.

My, Grandma, what large, unnecessary cutbacks you have made.

All the better to eat the GOP with, my dear.

But the list of things the Obama Administration won’t be shutting down is informative:

  • TSA airport security: Really? Air traffic control is a necessity, but publicly raping 6 year old girls and 90 year old veterans is a national priority?
  • Social Security and Medicare: No one touches the government bennies. If Democrats’ largest constituency doesn’t get its checks, the whole pay-for-power scheme falls apart.
  • Border security and law enforcement: The Border Patrol will continue its Justice Department-mandated welcoming of illegal aliens, while Homeland Security and the NSA will continue their spying on Americans. Don’t you feel safer already?
  • The military: The shutdown will not weaken or in any way hamper the U.S. military. That’s what Obama’s sequester is for. Rest assured the Pentagon’s ongoing persecution of Christian service members by gays and atheists will continue unabated.
  • Obamacare: Was there any doubt?

You can also bet the shutdown won’t affect the IRS, the EPA, the Education Department or any of the millions of nosy, intrusive government agencies Nancy Pelosi thinks can’t be cut. What will go are things like parks, rangers, museums and any agency or officer who has contact with or actually directly serves the public. When that public gets irritated enough to realize (probably for the first time) that there’s a “shutdown” in progress, they will be informed through official government channels such as MSNBC that the Republicans did it.

That’s why this isn’t a real shutdown. It’s all just another propaganda show for the Obama Administration, a public hissy fit by the Democrats because Ted Cruz and a few others in Congress have resisted the power grab that is Obamacare.

If it were a real government shutdown, Obama’s trip to Asia would be off the table. That would truly be a dire national emergency if the Man Who Would Be King couldn’t take his taxpayer-funded vacations.