Six Judges Resign When Ordered to Marry Same Sex Couples

Same sex marriage does not exist and people with integrity refuse to pretend that it does.

broken marriage

According to the New American, six county magistrates have resigned their offices rather than submit to a court order to (pretend to) marry homosexual partners.

As reported earlier The New American, on October 20 Swain County Magistrate Judge Gilbert Breedlove, in office for nearly 25 years, resigned his position following a federal court ruling that struck down North Carolina’s voter-passed constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Breedlove followed Rockingham County Magistrate John Kallam, Jr., who resigned his position on October 16, saying that being forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies “would desecrate a holy institution established by God Himself.”

Since Breedlove’s and Kallam’s resignations, news reports have named four additional county magistrates who have thrown in the towel rather than compromise the authority of their office by “marrying” homosexuals. Christian Headline News identified the four officials as Gaston County magistrate Bill Stevenson, Graham County magistrate Tommy Holland, Union County magistrate Gayle Myrick, and Jackson County magistrate Jeff Powell.

All the judges said that they could not be compelled to violate their moral convictions for the sake of a court ruling. “It was something I had to do out of conscience,” Bill Stevenson said of his resignation. “I felt like to perform same sex unions would be in violation of the Lord’s commands, so I couldn’t do that.”

He added that “I hate to wax so biblical, but it says ‘What good is it for a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?’ so that’s the stakes I put on this.”

I have to admit, my first impulse is to wish these men had simply refused to do the deed and argued in court that they could not be forced to do something they knew is wrong. But they are closer to the situation and undoubtedly weighed all their options.

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The most important lesson here is that this might be you someday. Will you sin in order to keep your job or something else of value? Or will you remain loyal to Jesus? It is easy to quote the gospel about “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul,” but it is another thing altogether to act on that principle.