Sixteen States Reject Energy Regulations that Will Destroy Their Economies

The states reject energy regulations that Barack Obama is imposing on the nation.

Reading the Associated Press story, I wonder how Barack Obama thinks he can get away with this. Does he want a Republican to win the presidency in 2016? Every Republican candidate should spell out how energy prices are going to be jacked up by the President’s use of executive authority.

Sixteen states want nothing to do with it.

The campaign to stop President Barack Obama’s sweeping emissions limits on power plants began taking shape Wednesday, as 16 states asked the government to put the rules on hold while a Senate panel moved to block them.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who is leading the charge against the rules, banded together with 15 other state attorneys general in a letter to Environmental Protection Agency head Gina McCarthy requesting that the agency temporarily suspend the rules while they challenge their legality in court. The letter called for the EPA to respond by Friday.

The EPA and the White House both said they believe the limits are legal and have no plans to put them on hold. But by submitting the formal request anyway, the attorneys general are laying the groundwork to ask the courts to suspend the emissions limits instead.

“These regulations, if allowed to proceed, will do serious harm to West Virginia and the U.S. economy,” Morrisey said. “That is why we are taking quick action to bring this process to a halt.”

The 16 states and a handful of others are preparing to sue the Obama administration to block the rules permanently by arguing they exceed Obama’s authority. Bolstered by a recent Supreme Court ruling against the administration’s mercury limits, opponents argued that states shouldn’t have to start preparing to comply with a rule that may eventually get thrown out by the courts.

Some of these states are going to be particularly hurt by these regulations—perhaps more than others.

Most of the attorneys general signing the letter Wednesday are Republicans. Yet they were joined by Jack Conway of the coal-producing state of Kentucky. Conway and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear are both Democrats, but have joined the state’s Republican leaders in denouncing Obama’s power plant limits, which form the centerpiece of his plan to fight climate change.

Whether or not the courts throw out the rule, it needs to be a major campaign issue. Even if we believed that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, Obama’s rule would have virtually no effect on climate change. There are many developing countries that are bringing new energy plants into operation.  How can the President justify demolishing our economy for no real benefit? Again, even if one buys into man-made global warming, Obama’s action through the EPA still does nothing to save the planet but much to destroy the economy.

As Karl Rove points out in a Fox News video, the economic damage would especially hit any industries that export. Such industries cannot pass on their costs to consumers. We will be at a further competitive disadvantage with producers in other countries who don’t have to pay as much for energy.

I am honestly amazed (as well as horrified) that Obama is doing this. What could possibly be his endgame?