Slimy Obamacare Campaigning Defeated in Tennessee

After a horrible time of Obamacare campaigning the Tennessee State Senate did the right thing.

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One of the most disconcerting things about contemporary politics is that so many make no attempt to promote things accurately. The only thing that matters is winning your battle, and whatever blatant lies have to be told to reach that goal are more than acceptable, apparently.

This campaign for Haslamcare (an expansion of Obamacare in TN) was supported by some of the most deceptive, untruthful, and nauseating radio ads I have ever heard—not even a glance given to representing the effort truthfully: Gruberisms on Parade. (Hey, it’s Obamacare! So why not use the playbook of Mr. Gruber?)

Thankfully, a Tennessee Senate committee voted to have no part in it. The Governor and the slimy groups who funded the ads should be ashamed of themselves. You can read about its demise at the Times Free Press: “Senate committee kills Haslam’s Insure Tennessee proposal.”

Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey said in a statement that Haslam’s “hard work and passion on Insure Tennessee has been made clear this week. While many questions have been answered during this special session, several questions remain unanswered.”

He said “ultimately, the absence of a clear, written agreement between the federal government and the State of Tennessee made passage impossible. Tennessee has always been a well-run, fiscally-responsible state. We could not in good conscience put our stamp of approval on a mere verbal agreement with the Obama administration.”

The Beacon Center, a free-market think tank, applauded the death of a bill that it called an “extension of Obamacare in our state.”

“While stopping the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare was a necessary first step, it is still our responsibility as Tennesseans to find affordable healthcare solutions for our most vulnerable neighbors,” said Beacon CEO Justin Owen.

The Haslamcare campaign was almost as shameful as another effort running right now from “Tennesseans for Student Success” to promote Common Core (although the ads and Web site give absolutely zero information that would tell you what they actually support, nor who is funding the effort). Their slogan is “Results, Not Rhetoric.”But it would more accurately be phrased “Rhetoric, Without Substance.”

Thank you, State Senators. Looks like it may be a long few years here fighting a Governor with an abysmal understanding of the principles of liberty, an apparent total lack of understanding of sphere sovereignty, and a willingness to use deception to promote big government plans.