Socialism HAD to Fail, in Europe and Everywhere Else

Have the Dutch finally confessed that a socialist model is unsustainable, and slowly begun to eye a path away from what has driven Europe and much of the world to the brink of economic Armageddon? We see this question raised in the Social Europe Journal.

The writer—who clearly disagrees with this possibility—does a masterful job of unpacking the ideals supporting a socialist model. No doubt many will read his three point ideals of the “social contract” and say, “Yes, that sounds reasonable.” But even he hints at the problem when he writes: “…the equal-opportunity (education, healthcare) policies that (at least in theory) ensure…”

At least in theory. Yes, indeed.

Therein is the entire problem. Socialist theory is based on an entirely flawed sociology. It is founded in a view of a race of men which does not exist. What sounds so good and humanly affirming “in theory” will always end in economic destruction as those at the top of the programs justify their sinful lusts for power and wealth, and a great number of those on the receiving end choose to satisfy their lusts for sloth and living forever at the expense of their neighbors.

Simply put, with fallen and sinful men there is no perfect system of economics that will eliminate the maladies socialism allegedly aims to cure (I say it this way, because many in power merely use other, more compassionately-oriented people’s desires to “help” as a way to achieve their personal goals to rule and grow wealthy).

Truly free-market economics (which were never pure, but closest to reality in an America of days past) proved to spread economic prosperity more widely than any other system known to man. It lifted people from poverty not only here, but enabled us to help the poor and destitute in countless far-flung places of the globe.

At least someone in Europe is apparently finally willing to admit their love-affair with the socialist “contract” is driving entire nations to economic ruin. The sad thing is that Christianity is so weak there that whatever rises to replace it is likely to be almost equally as flawed and ineffective. Only a people holding from within to the ideals of “you shall not steal ” and “love your neighbor as yourself” will see material prosperity arise to match that inner spiritual prosperity.

Only a system based on harnessing men’s natural self-interest, and restraining him from depending on forced plunder from his neighbor, will enable the kind of broad economic success that made the United States the envy of the world for so long.

Unfortunately, America seems hell-bent on following Europe’s tragic decisions of long ago, just as some in Europe herself are beginning to wake up to their economic mistakes.

At root, the problem is spiritual. The solution is a robust recovery of the truth about Jesus, the Messiah, which transforms men and cultures, and reestablishes a right relationship between men and their Creator.

Short of that, we are likely to bounce from one failed economic theory to another, constructing a trail of poverty and want along the way.