Socialist Medicine Means Exploiting and Overworking Doctors

England’s system of socialist medicine is using overworked doctors who are required to fill more and more overtime.

Here is an interesting story from England’s The Independent showing where our own country is headed: “NHS hospitals pushing young medics to brink of ‘burnout’ by relying on them to work extra hours.”

Hospitals are pushing young medics to the brink of “burnout” by relying on them to work extra hours to plug long-term gaps in ward rotas, leading doctors have warned, after new research showed that the effects of NHS staff shortages are worsening.

Dr Mark Porter, chair of the British Medical Association (BMA), said the increasingly common practice of hospital departments requiring junior doctors to work overtime, or filling gaps with expensive agency staff, should be a “real concern to patients” – while the UK’s top emergency doctor cautioned that the NHS had now become used to working with a “skeleton staff” at A&E departments.

The warnings come in the light of a survey of 430 young doctors which suggests that rota gaps are now more commonplace than ever.

Perhaps if men were angels “single-payer” health care would work for the long run. But… we’re not, and it doesn’t.

As I’ve said so many times: The main failure of “Progressivism, Leftism, Socialism, ‘social justice,'” etc., is a hopelessly flawed sociology. Any policy or system which is built on a rejection of our fallen condition—we are selfish and prideful at the core—is doomed to failure, no matter how well-meaning.

Because of our wicked hearts, systems must be built with a foundational distrust of humanity, featuring mutual accountability and division of powers. Anything centralized will ultimately end up as rubble, because those entrusted to lead it are horribly imperfect. Anything which requires people of pristine character to run it will end in failure and great pain.

Yes, it requires a special makeup to go into the medical field at all. But when you almost completely remove the financial incentive to invest the countless hours and travails necessary to get into the field at all—let alone to become excellent—then most people won’t have the desire and commitment to make those sacrifices, and you will end up with shortages of trained personnel.