Some Hawaiians Side with Secession instead of Federal Money

Secession for Hawaii would mean a right shift in Congress.

kingdom hawaii

Native Americans get granted a great deal of Federal money and native Hawaiians have been trying to win some of the loot. But within their own ranks some Hawaiians have too much pride and independence to simply go to the Federal government begging for money. Instead, they have been making demands that threaten the campaign.

According to The Associated Press: “Native Hawaiians debate best for path to sovereignty.”

 Native Hawaiians could be in line for federal recognition similar to many American Indian tribes. But the issue is inflaming distrust between moderates who support the idea and others who want to see the Hawaiian Kingdom restored.

Before Hawaii became a tourist mecca, the islands were ruled by royal families. The kingdom was overthrown by a group of American businessmen in 1893.

The federal government is now mulling a relationship with Hawaiians that could protect more than 200 programs and secure millions in federal money. Advocates have been seeking federal recognition for more than a decade.

Now, according to this brief report, that decade of work is about to go nowhere because of the “dominance” of people who want the kingdom restored. That will mean no chance of gaining privileges “enjoyed by other native groups.”

As far as I’m concerned, just about anything is preferable to gaining another permanent welfare group.

Also, if this group could actually get Hawaii to withdraw from the union, then Congress would suddenly no longer have the Leftist weight that it has now. (I don’t see any way they could return to being a kingdom without seceding.)

There are movements to try to give territories like Puerto Rico representation in Congress. This would push the momentum the other way.

It would also encourage many other secessionist movements around the globe that are a threat to the New World Order.

While Hawaii is quite liberal, Eric Rauch has noted an affinity between the Tea Party’s goals and secession.

So bring back the Hawaiian Kingdom!