Something For Which To Be Truly Thankful: Obamacare Sign-Ups Far Below Minimum

I know it sounds strange, but this year I’m thankful for the Affordable Care Act. As a conservative, I think I feel the same way about Obamacare that liberals felt about Obama winning in 2008. The comparison is simple. In 2008, having Obama win the Presidency was like a dream come true. It was the kind of thing liberals had always dreamed of happening and now it was here.

Well, for me, and I suspect many other conservatives, watching Liberalism publicly and visibly fail has always been a lifelong dream. We are seeing a government program promising benefits to people become a source of detriments for doctors, hospitals, and most people in general. It is the dawning of a new and glorious day. We are entering an era where everyone knows the government is incompetent, callous, and exploitative.

One particular sign of that failure, for which I am also grateful, is the dismal sign-ups on the state exchanges. Fox News states,

While the rush grows to meet Saturday’s self-imposed deadline for improving the ObamaCare website, the real story behind the government’s success or failure may be hidden in the abysmal state-run exchange figures.

The White House has been busy pitching the plan’s merits across the country and flown in the A-Team of tech experts to work round-the-clock on a major makeover for the online portal.

In fact, by the middle of November,14 state-based marketplaces reported data showing enrollment numbers doubling from the disastrous roll out a month earlier, to 150,000 from 79,000.

But the numbers are still below where they should be. In Colorado, for example, enrollment figures are below the state’s own worst-case projections.

According to The Denver Post, the lowest-level mid-November enrollment projection was11,108, the middle range 20,186 and highest hitting 30,944.

The projections were made during a pitch to a state finance committee. On November 18, the exchange announced it had signed up only 6,001 residents to date.

Many state leaders have blamed the sluggish sign up numbers on public disinterest.

That last sentence, to my mind, is the most hopeful. No one wants Obamacare. The story goes on to report the failures of other states.

It seems to me that this, by itself, could kill the Affordable Care Act. If too few people sign up I don’t see any way that the insurance companies can break even. Only with enough people signed up can the insurance companies hope to have enough revenue to meet the needs of those who get sick. If too few people participate, then the policies will go bankrupt.

Furthermore, if only the most dedicated and “interested” people sign up, it is likely they will be the more unhealthy ones. So the imbalance between the healthy who are paying on a policy but not using it much and the unhealthy will be even greater.

It is all collapsing. What a great time to be alive!

Happy Thanksgiving!