“Sorry You’re Dead, But We Have Usurped So Much Power From You That You Must Expect Us To Make Mistakes.”

Have you ever received a destroyed package from the US Postal Service? My favorite part is where the accompanying letter says that, because of the massive amount of mail they handle, accidents are inevitable.

post office letter

Whose bright idea was it that one company should have a monopoly on all that mail? First you make us all use your service and then you excuse yourself because of the overwhelming amount of business!

And Obamacare is already no different. All the horrors are being excused because the entire project is so huge. Yes, usurping authority over the entire healthcare industry was an incredibly stupid move. You can’t excuse your failures on the grounds that it is too much for you to handle.

That’s why you should never have done it in the first place.

Of course, thinking about the excuse letters we get from the Post Office makes me wonder about a letter one might soon receive from the Federal Government:


Dear Obamacare Customer,

Your (circle one or more) friend/relative was found dead after missing required treatment.

We realize that the life of your spouse/lover/significant other is important to you and you have every right to expect the medical treatment for this person that we promised you. We, the Affordable Care Act Powers That Be, make every effort to properly handle the medical treatment decisions entrusted to us, but due ot the large volume, occasional damage does occur.

When an Obamcare Insurance Front Organization handles in excess of three million insurance claims daily, it is imperative that we use modern streamlined decision making processes. It is also an actuality that such quantitative decision making does not permit personal attention to individual patients. If paperwork is improperly filled out or identification is not confirmed correctly, it often causes sickness and death. So it is really all your fault.

We are constantly striving to improve our processing methods to assure that–outside of our eugenics and depopulation goals–a death like that of your boy toy/sperm donor/concubine/sire/offspring can be eliminated. We regret the inconvenience you have experienced.



Health and Human Services.