South African Warriors Take on Boko Haram without Hashtags

It takes some veteran South African warriors to show us how to deal with terrorists.

One of the things that I hated about the Iraq invasion was that Blackwater (now Academi) gave mercenaries a bad name (at least as far as the media reported). While the military could conceivably use private contractors to evade certain legal requirements (which could be either good or bad depending on the nature of the requirements), when mercenaries work directly for the military they are barely private any more.

But the great thing about truly private forces is that they don’t require the use of taxpayer money. So I was thrilled to read in this blog about who is destroying the enemy in Nigeria (but not so thrilled at who is supporting that enemy).

With little to no employment opportunities in their home country of South Africa, aging white apartheid-era soldiers are signing on with private armies to take on Boko Haram. And they’re making an impact. Dozens of villages have been liberated and hundreds of women and girls have been freed after years of forced slavery and subjugation as “bush wives” to terrorists.

One such squad is employed by Specialized Tasks, Training, Equipment and Protection (STTEP), run by Colonel Eeben Barlow, a former commander in the South African Defense Force.

“The campaign gathered good momentum and wrested much of the initiative from the enemy,” Barlow, 62, said during a speech at the Royal Danish Defense College. “It was not uncommon for the strike force to be met by thousands of cheering locals once the enemy had been driven from an area.”

Barlow’s firm, hired in January by outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, was originally hired to recover 300 kidnapped schoolgirls, a task made harder due to U.S. President Obama’s refusal to provide weapons and intelligence to fight Boko Haram. President Jonathan’s support of Nigerian laws criminalizing homosexual acts and strictly forbidding same-sex marriage were opposed by Obama and, therefore, assistance was withheld. Jonathan was defeated in the March election by retired Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim who ruled as dictator there from 1983 until 1985, until ousted by a coup. His recent presidential campaign was run by the political firm founded by key Obama strategist David Axelrod.

Even as his Muslim opponent was bringing in outside help from Washington, Jonathan was bringing in Barlow’s STTEP team to stomp out Boko Haram.

You will notice what is said about Obama’s lack of support and David Axelrod’s role. So Michelle Obama’s lethal use of self-righteous hashtags wasn’t just lame. It was a fig leaf covering treachery.

hashtag against the enemy

The White House would make a country suffer murder and rape on a mass scale in the hope that will teach them not to make laws that recognize and protect marriage. It is not hypothetical. That is what this Administration has done.

Hooray for the South African mercenaries!