Spain About To Experience Counter-Revolution On Abortion

It is easy to think that the loss of a conservative culture and legal environment is always a permanent loss. Once the “progressives” have won a victory in the courts or in the legislature it is tempting to despair.

So, whatever ends up happening in Spain, consider their example and resolve to never give up even in the face of defeat. Reuters reports:

Spain’s centre-right government moved to make it harder for women to get an abortion on Friday, restricting a law that had allowed the procedure on request within a 14 week term, in a bid to rally core conservative support.

The proposed new rules will make Spain one of the most restrictive European countries on abortion and goes against the regional trend of greater ease of access, after Ireland legalised abortion under limited circumstances this year.

The draft law allows abortion only in the case of rape or if the pregnancy poses a serious physical or mental health risk to the mother. It eliminates the option of abortion on request in the case of malformation of the foetus.

In this case women would also have to argue that the pregnancy poses a physical or mental health risk.

The ruling People’s Party (PP) has an absolute majority in parliament, where the bill is expected to pass easily.

The majority of European countries offer abortion on request, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), with 88 percent allowing the termination of pregnancies if the foetus is thought to be impaired or in cases of rape or incest.

The passing of this law is tied to the power that the European Union attempts to exercise over its member states. The EU is ardently pro-abortion. But right now The People’s Party has already had enough with the EU’s authority over their financial system. The PP wants to lower taxes but can’t because of the control being exercised by the EU during their financial crisis. So the PP, while submitting to the control of the EU in one area, is pushing back in the cultural and legal arena. They are ending the EU’s monolithic pro-abortion legal environment.

This does not look like it will be a perfect law, but it looks like a huge improvement. The reason why supporter of abortion call themselves “progressives” is to promulgate the idea that their positions are going to be the inevitable result of societal evolution. But there is no fate that demands that we are stuck with abortion (or homosexual “marriage” or transgender superstitions) forever. If bad laws can replace good laws, then  If Spain can reverse course, so can any other nation.

Let’s pray for Spain’s government to carry through with their promise. Let’s pray that conservatives in other European countries take hope from Spain’s example, rally themselves, and push for similar reforms. Most of all, lets remind ourselves of the basic truth: The forces of abortion don’t own the future.

Jesus does.