Spanish Word for “Black” Gets Spanish Teacher Fired

Petrona Smith is a teacher at a Bronx middle school who, by teaching kids Spanish, gave them the valuable knowledge of how to survive in this country that increasingly resembles Mexico.

Unfortunately for Smith, there was one particular seventh-grader in her class who, I’d put money on, had been brought up in a liberal household, because he finds words to be offensive—the word “negro” in particular. No, not as in what Senator Harry Reid would call the “Negro dialect” of a black person, but as in the Spanish word for the color black.

The lesson in class that day was on colors, and this seventh-grade whiner evidently took offense at the Spanish language’s designation of the word “negro” for the color black, even though, it’s worth adding, the Spanish language existed long before the racial term “Negro.”

As any kid on his way toward being a good liberal in life would do, he tattled on the teacher for her lack of political correctness. The teacher was fired and now she’s suing.

I’m probably in alignment with a lot of conservatives in saying that I have a hard time sympathizing with liberals when they become the victims of liberalism. Because Smith is black, she is probably a liberal (or at least a Democrat), and so while she truly is the victim here, all I can really do is chuckle about it.

It reminds me of one of my favorite beers, Negra Modelo. I took three years of Spanish in high school, but while I don’t really remember much, I do know that “modelo” in Spanish means a standard, or a model, and “negra” means the color black when applied to feminine nouns. “Modelo,” however, is a masculine noun. So, following the grammatical rules of Spanish, the modifier “negra” should actually be “negro,” the masculine form of that color, which is used for masculine nouns. However, the company went with the grammatically incorrect “Negra Modelo” instead of the closer-to-correct “Negro Modelo” (though really it should be “Modelo Negro,” since, in Spanish, adjectives come after the nouns they modify), because, it is my theory, the company did not want to offend black people. Instead, they butchered the language.

This, furthermore, is much like the feminists’ butchering of English. Certain words in the language offend them, so they change the words. “Woman” becomes “womyn” and “history” becomes “herstory.” So intense is the pathological and borderline psychotic loathing that feminists feel toward men that any hint of a mentioning of their sex must be eradicated from the language.

The best I can hope for Petrona Smith is that she wins her lawsuit, gets her job back, and, if she is indeed a Democrat, opens her eyes to the fascism her party peddles in demanding political correctness.