Sports Stadium: Making Serfs Cheer to Get Plundered

Today’s Philosophical Public Service Moment.

From KUSI: “Chargers and Raiders moving forward on L.A. stadium proposal.”

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are expected to formally announce Friday that they are working on a plan to build a $1.7 billion NFL stadium to share in the Los Angeles County city of Carson.

The teams are pursuing a stadium option in Carson for one straightforward reason: If they cannot find a permanent solution in their home markets, the teams would have no alternative but to preserve other options to guarantee their future economic viability of each team’s franchise. 

Mark Fabiani confirmed the report to KUSI.

In a joint statement, both teams said they had been working to find a stadium solution in their home market for many years with no success; however, both teams would remain committed to working in their home markets throughout 2015.

The Raiders and Chargers have kept the NFL owners’ committee on Los Angeles, and the Commissioner, fully informed about their joint efforts. 

An honest report would not say the teams are building a stadium, but that they are looking for just the right elected officials who can be bribed to rape their taxpayers on behalf of a bunch of millionaires.

This is one of those ultimate examples where the .1% rips off the 99.9%… and those being ripped off cheer being robbed; they’re too stupid and/or morally benighted to think through what’s really happening—the many are being plundered to benefit the few.

Some say: “Oh, but think of the economic impact—the money that flows into the area from having a stadium.”

Yes, true. A limited number of hotel and bar owners will make out well, and the teams will reap a windfall, but everyone is being robbed to provide that benefit to a limited number. Government should not be involved in private business decisions like this.

If an individual or group wants to invest and risk its own money on a project—more power to them! That’s what a free-market is all about. You take the risk, you experience the rewards, or you learn a hard and painful lesson. But it’s not a place for “public” involvement. That is theft, plain and simple.

Every economic decision government makes is inescapably a moral decision. Government has no money of its own, but takes from the labor of others. Therefore it must restrict its expenditures to a very limited number of activities that truly promote the general (not specific) welfare of the entire community that is being forced to “invest.”

In cases where government takes money to which it is not entitled it has turned its citizens into slaves—the master is determining how much of the fruit of your labors you can keep, and how much he will plunder for himself and his friends.

There was a day when understanding like this was almost universal—”Thou shalt not steal” was taken seriously. We need to take it seriously again.