Starbucks Backpedals On Allowing Gun-Carrying Customers

Starbucks apparently didn’t appreciate “Starbucks Appreciation Day,” where open gun-carrying customers would come in to their local Starbucks to support the coffee purveyor for their alleged support for the 2nd Amendment. In Newtown, Connecticut, the Starbucks there actually closed down the day that a Starbucks Appreciation Day event was planned, because the company thought that all the gun-toting coffee-imbibers would make all the unarmed customers uncomfortable.

Now, Starbucks is making it clear that open gun-carriers are no longer welcome. They’re not banning guns outright; they’ll just frown upon them. If you come into a Starbucks with a Glock on your hip, they won’t tell you to leave, and they’ll go ahead and make your double tall, two raw sugar latte as they would for anyone else. But, please no more Starbucks Appreciation Days. As a letter that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz plans to put in several major newspapers states, “To be clear: we do not want these events in our stores.”

I don’t think they’re necessarily taking an ideological stand on guns one way or the other. They’re a business, and they’re trying to get the best of both worlds. They don’t want to completely cater to the gun crowd, because then their gun control patrons would be outraged and would boycott the company. Like what CNS News reported:

“Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, which was formed the day after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, has been organizing ‘Skip Starbucks Saturdays’ to urge the coffee company to ban guns at its stores. Participants take photos of themselves at competitors such as Peet’s that do not allow guns and post them online.”

Likewise, they don’t want to completely cater to the gun control crowd, because they know that that would make the 2nd Amendment people want to boycott them. They want to be able to make everyone happy and keep as many customers as possible.

This is why I think it’s best to carry concealed. If no one can see it, paranoid people won’t call the cops, employees won’t be scared, other customers would be none the wiser. If something were to happen, you could take the criminal by surprise and take him out. I think sometimes making armed criminals think that you’re unarmed when you actually are is better than being open about it.