Starbucks Shareholders Giving Employees Free Tuition

I applaud Howard Schultz—he is free to do what he wants with his own money…

Of course, he doesn’t actually own Starbucks, so it’s not his money, but why quibble, right? As long as his shareholders back him, more power to him. And if they leave him free to practice his economic insanity, then they are backing him.

It’s very similar to the Republicans in Congress who talk a good game about the lawlessness of Eric Holder and Barack Obama, but demonstrate by their inaction that, in reality, they support such evil.

From CNN Money: “Starbucks offer workers 2 years of free college.”

Starbucks baristas working through college are about to get an extra boost from their employer.

The company announced it will offer both full- and part-time employees a generous tuition reimbursement benefit that covers two full years of classes.

The benefit is through a partnership with Arizona State University’s online studies program. Employees can choose any of more than 40 undergraduate degrees, and aren’t limited to only business classes.

It’s yet another unconventional move from the upscale coffee retailer. Starbucks bucked the trend, for example, when it continued offering health insurance for both full- and part-time employees as other companies dialed back offerings and blamed Obamacare.

CEO Howard Schultz, who retook the company’s helm in 2008 and turned around the slumping business, has also stood out among his peers for backing a boost in the minimum wage. He has made bold statements about gun control and Washington political gridlock.

Here’s the larger problem: On the radio this morning I heard an interview of a Starbucks employee who thought it was unfair that anyone should tell him *where* to get his free education. Oh, and he said all college education should be free.

Uh huh. Because we all know money grows on trees (or, in our context, is printed from trees), and that everyone is entitled to anything they want, including  the choice of where to go to school with that magic money.

This is what you call an “educated moron.” He didn’t start out a moron, but what he’s learned from socialists in education, media, and government has made him the moron he is today.The great problem with people like this, is that he likely votes based on his total ignorance.

I always wondered about historical descriptions in the Bible where it depicts the enemies of God turning on themselves in a fit of self-destructive insanity. I don’t wonder anymore. I’m seeing it unfold before my eyes.

Finally, for Starbucks customers: Enjoy your $15 cup of coffee. It’s for a good cause.

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