Starve the Beast! Support Think Tanks That ARE NOT In DC

One observation of the modern political scene is that an entire horde of people and organizations has sprung up whose existence depends on stoking the fires of division and hysteria. Pollsters, political pundits, direct-mail writers, advisors, and consultants of every stripe, are all dependent on fanning flames of fear and division, to keep those donor funds flowing.

To these folks, solving human problems is literally bad for business.

Gary North writes for the Ludwig Von Mises blog:

I have watched more money from conservatives go down the drain over the last 50 years than you can imagine. I have watched the same mistakes being made, over and over, all with enthusiastic financial support from donors. I have seen a few things that worked, and I have seen a lot of things that did not work. Still, in the overall sweep of life, most things don’t work. But when there is a pattern to that which doesn’t work, and when that pattern fails, again and again, to gain traction, I figure it’s time to sound a warning.

Here is the warning: if an organization is inside the Washington Beltway, do not send any money. It doesn’t need any money. It has enough donors who are doing that, donors who are terminally naïve, and will keep sending the money.

I’m not speaking here of lobbying organizations. I understand that lobbying organizations have to be inside the Beltway, or else close to it. I am also not speaking of public interest legal organizations that are trying to roll back the juggernaut federal court system and federal bureaucracy (administrative law). I am speaking here of what are euphemistically called think tanks.

The problem with most ideological think tanks is simple to describe: they are trying to gain political leverage. The closer they are to Washington DC, the more they are trying to gain this leverage at the top of the pyramid of power, or at least the visible pyramid of power.

Sending power and money to DC has created this beast. I believe it’s time to starve them to death—all of them. It’s a dream, I know.